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BCSO reports: Deputies called after Ellabell dispute leads to gunshot
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office initial incident reports.

 Intimidation: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address on April 14 “in reference to a dispute between neighbors that resulted in a firearm being discharged into the air.” There, he met with “a group of people standing in the front yard of the (complainant) address,” and spoke to the complainant, who told the deputy “that his friend ... had walked behind his shed to urinate as he often does while they sit in the back yard and socialize.” Then, “while urinating, (the friend) was confronted by the man who lives in the house directly behind (the complainant’s). (That man) told (the friend that he needed to stop urinating in the backyard because he and his wife could see him doing it while they sat on their back porch.” So, the friend went back and told the complainant, who in turn “went to the same spot behind his shed to urinate. While urinating he too as confronted by (the neighbor).”

The neighbor told the complainant “he and his friends need to stop urinating in the back yard because when they did he and his wife could see their genitalia.

(The neighbor) then stated ‘I’ve got a gun and I’ll shoot you in your little (bleep) if you do it again.’ When (the complainant continued to urinate (the neighbor) fired a single shot in the air.” Witnesses gave the same account. The deputy then talked to the man with the gun and his wife, who also said the same thing and said it’s been an ongoing issue, “but this was the first time he had actually confronted the (complainant).”

He also said he didn’t point the gun at the complainant.

Other deputies talked to neighbors, who said they’d heard the neighbor with the gun warn the complainant and his buddy “that they needed to stop urinating in the backyard where they could be seen.”

The deputy then checked out the “location that (the man with the gun and his wife) were sitting at when the incident occurred and the area where (the complainant and his buddy) were urinating was clearly visible ...” the report continued, noting that the deputy then told the complainant how to take out a warrant for reckless conduct on the neighbor with the gun for shooting his gun in the air. He told the man with the gun how to take out a warrant on the complainant for public indecency because the men had exposed themselves while they peed in their back yard.

Theft: On April 14 a deputy was sent to Strathy Hall regarding shots fired. There, he met the victim, who said he was trying to sell some Nike shoes on line to a man he’d contacted online.

The man said he agreed to meet the man on the road, and three men rolled up in a Chevy Impala with covered faces.

The man said he felt uneasy about the masks and called the arrangement off, and started to go back to his garage. At some point, one of the men then told the victim “you better come here,” then pulled out a black in color small pistol and pointed it at (the man).”

The victim said he ran inside, and could hear the man outside trying to get in. He didn’t, but the victim and another man heard a gunshot.

The men then left in the Impala and were stopped a short time later on Highway 144 after the description was sent out to law enforcement officers.

There were three men inside and there was a gun. What’s more, one of the men dropped a glove at the home in Strathy Hall.

Theft: An Ellabell man reported April 19 he believes his “God son” stole his “SCCY CPX-2 9mm hand gun from his bedroom closet.”

The man didn’t have a serial number when he called deputies, so they couldn’t report the weapon stolen to the Georgia Crime Information Center.

Theft: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address on April 17 regarding a stolen cell phone. There, he met a woman who said on Tuesday “her ex-girlfriend stole” the phone.

The woman said her ex was currently staying at the Hyatt in Charleston, S.C. The phone, an Apple iPhone, was valued at $785. The woman gave deputies the phone’s SIM card number and the IMEI number. The deputy told her how to get a warrant.

Criminal attempt: A South Bryan woman reported April 17 that someone tried to kidnap her 9-year-old daughter from a play area in the Wicklow subdivision.

The girl told deputies the man grabbed her wrist while she was on a swing set but she got away. He was described as a “black male wearing jeans and a black/ gray T-shirt,” who left in a “gray older box style sedan, with an unknown tag.”

Deputies didn’t see any marks on the girl.

They “canvassed the area of Wicklow and Belfast River Road, and were unable to make contact with the described suspect or vehicle,” the report said. The night shift was also brief and extra patrols were requested.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill man reported April 19 that he “found a boat for sale on multiple websites,” and contacted the owner, “who referred him to a brokerage to negotiate the price.”

That price was $28,000. The man said “2-3 days after the check cleared, all communications ceased,” and he needed a report for his bank. He said he also called the FBI.

Alarm: Deputies were called to a Richmond Hill address on April 18 because of a residential alarm. The alarm company “stated that an individual using a ladder, entered the house through the bedroom window,” the report said. That man was the owner, who “stated that he did not have his house keys and that he came through his residence using a residence.” The report ended by noting the man “was able to provide information that he did live at the residence.”

Vandalism: A Richmond Hill man reported April 19 that “an unknown offender used black spray paint to spray a phallus and a set of testicles on his fence,” according to a report.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan house on April 18 “in reference to an unknown man entering a residence.”

There, the deputy met the complainant, who “appeared confused and stated that he had not slept the night before.

(He) stated his wife had left him and was staying at his next door neighbor’s house. (He) stated that she and another man had come into the house and left a shoe and that he could not find.”

The deputy reported he “was able to locate the shoe and calm (the complainant) down.” He also talked to the neighbors, who said they didn’t know the complainant’s wife and she’d never stayed at their house.

The complainant then told the deputy “his wife was staying at his mother’s residence in Savannah and that he had taken an unknown drug three days prior.”

He refused to get checked out by EMS, said he understood no one hadn’t entered his home and he didn’t want to hurt himself or anybody else - he just wanted to go back to bed. The neighbors told the deputy they’d “call us back if he came back onto their property.”

Disorderly person: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address April 14 “in reference to a male at the window of a female’s vehicle yelling and screaming.”

There, they found a woman inside her truck with her kids, and a man sitting on the back porch.

The woman said her mother called police, “and she really did not need us, and just wanted to leave.”

However, she said, she couldn’t leave because the man had done something to her pickup so it wouldn’t run. The deputy asked the man if he’d done anything to the pickup, he said no “he had been working on it all day.”

The man smelled of alcohol and “was being disorderly at times,” the report added.

Then a BCSO captain responded and “(the man) stated to yell at him to turn off the headlights to his patrol vehicle. (The man) then yelled louder and started to shine a flash light in the eyes of the deputies.”

After refusing to stop, the man was put in the back seat of a patrol car.

Meanwhile, the captain told the woman “that fuses were missing from her vehicle and that was why it was not starting.” The woman went into the home and got the fuses, they were put in the pickup and it started and ran. She then drove off.

The man was let go “because the jail would not accept him because it was not a felony (due to COVID-19.”

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