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BCSO Blotter: Woman says someone tries to remove her vinyl siding
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Matter of record: This one seems kind of topical, for some reason.  A BCSO deputy was sent Oct. 23 to handle a complaint on Daniel Siding Road in which a woman said an “unknown subject entered her yard and made an attempt to remove some of the vinyl siding from around her residence.”

Sure enough, the deputy noted “the vinyl siding appeared to have been unscrewed from the right front corner of the front deck and pulled back. The vinyl siding under the home to the right of the front deck also appeared to have been tampered with.”

A report was filed.


Theft: An Ellabell woman reported Oct. 27 someone stole her push lawnmower. The woman said it was under her carport, covered with a tarp “and would have been hard to notice unless you knew it was there.”

She also reported she was missing a rake, and gave deputies the name of a man she thought might have taken it.


Theft: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address on Oct. 29 regarding a woman who said she was missing Percocet and Xanax pills. The woman said she was given a ride to Walmart recently by her stepdaughter’s boyfriend and thought he might’ve taken them. She said her doctor wouldn’t “replace the scripts,” without a police report. The deputy reported there had been two previous calls to the same address for the same issue. The woman was told how to get a copy of the report.


Property damage: On Oct. 24, a ladder fell off a vehicle and landed in the left lane of I-95 south between mile markers 80 and 81. It damaged three cars.

First, a silver SUV ran over the ladder, damaging “left front fascia” and the left rear tire. The owner changed the tire and drove away.

A red SUV was behind the silver SUV. Its driver swerved and missed the ladder, but debris from the impact of the silver SUV hitting the ladder “came up from the roadway and broke out the rear hatch window,” the report said. The red SUV was driven off.

An orange pickup was behind the silver SUV, and ran it over it – which resulted in both damage to the pickup and its left front tire.

The driver called in insurance company and a tow truck was on its way as the deputy filled out the report. There were no injuries.


Physical fight: A prisoner at Bryan County Jail reported Oct. 20 another prisoner bit him “in the back of the head,” according to a report. The two had gotten involved in a fistfight earlier, security video showed, and that resulted in all inmates being put in their rooms. The victim also had a black eye and was treated by a nurse. “Due to this incident the cellblock 300 remained in their cells for the night,” the report said.


DUI: An Richmond Hill woman was arrested on multiple charges Oct. 23 after she caused an accident, and thought she was driving to Richmond Hill on Highway 204 around 4 p.m. but was headed to Ellabell and Pembroke instead.

The woman, who said “her GPS had her all screwed up and going the wrong way,” was unsteady on her feet and had slurred speech and constricted pupils as she talked to the deputy.

Other drivers also gave statements. One said she was headed east on 204 when she saw the woman’s car cross the center line and tried to avoid a head on collision, but was hit anyway. Another said the woman was all over the road, and yet another said he tried to pull up along side the woman’s SUV because “he was worried she was going to kill someone or herself,” but she sped off going over 90 mph.

The woman was charged with Dui drugs, the report said, and a blood test was taken. There were no injuries reported in the narrative.


Fall report of a crime: A Guyton man was charged with making up a kidnapping at gunpoint tale on Oct. 25. The man started out saying he was abducted by three men at gunpoint from an Ellabell gas station after he left a friend’s, and they drove him around, beat him and “took him to Augusta where they took some money from him and his cellular phone,” the report said.
But, he couldn’t remember the gas station or where the friend lived. “After several hours of attempting to make contact or find the residence of (the friend) to determine the jurisdiction of the abduction,” authorities found the friend’s address and met with him. He said the complainant wasn’t at his house, he never sent him to a gas station and “(the complainant) often used him as an alibi when he went out with girls.”

Confronted with that information, the complainant changed his story. He said “he had gone to Augusta to meet with a girl he had met on-line,” they got together and then he took her home. “He stated that once he got her home, her family members attacked him claiming that she was only 14 years old,” and they beat him with “belts fists and hands while holding a gun to his head.” The complainant said he “told the false story because the family had told him to tell the false story or they would hurt his family.”

The deputy said he’d be pressing charges for false statements.


Damage to property: A patrolling deputy on Highway 204 around 8:30 p.m. Oct. 25 “observed a white male on a bicycle with no visible lights on either the front or back,” and turned around to check it out.

“Upon approach I observed the bicycle laying on its side in the roadway and the male was no longer with it but on the opposite side of the road,” the report said. “I made contact with the male who stated that he had seen a snake and jumped off his bike to avoid being bit.”

Before the bike was removed it was hit by another driver, damaging the bumper, but the driver was able to drive his car away. 

The bike owner was “removed from the roadway and informed not to be on the highway without a source of light,” the report ended.

Theft: An Ellabell woman reported Oct. 19 that “a ceiling fan she had stored in an outside storage shed was stolen.”

The woman said on Oct. 13 she left her home and when she got home “the neighbor stated an older model green pickup truck came onto (her property). The pickup truck backed up to the outside storage shed and departed.” The woman gave the deputy a suspect “because he has been known to be hanging around with a subject that drives an older model green pickup truck.”

The deputy talked to the neighbor “and verified the green truck but was unable to identify who the subjects were.”


Drug charges, etc: Deputies were sent to a Parkers on Highway 80 in North Bryan around 3:30 a.m. Oct. 17 because of a man “who had been asleep at pump number four for over an hour.”

 The reporting deputy spotted the man in his car “at the gas pump and entered the store before making contact.”

There, a clerk told the deputy the man was behaving strangely “by eating sugar packets before stating ‘go ahead say something you owe me anyways,’ or words to that extent,” the report said. The man then left, saying he was going to be at the pump cleaning his car out.

The deputy then approached the car and could smell marijuana. The driver was unconscious and the deputy spotted “several items consistent with the consumption of marijuana on the passenger seat.” He called for backup, and deputies woke the man, who had a machete nearby and gave police a name and 2018 date of birth along with a Maryland’s driver’s license.. A check of his license information revealed he’d had a license suspended in Georgia in 2009. Deputies found pot in the car and told the man he was under arrest, but he responded he wasn’t going to jail and made it hard for them to get him into a patrol car. Once at Bryan County Jail the man threatened jail officers. Ultimately, he was put in a rubber room for noncompliance, the report said. 


Criminal trespass: An Ellabell woman reported Oct. 19 “she heard something outside her home and went to check and observed 3-4 juveniles throwing concrete cylinders she used to edge her gardens around her front yard,” a report said. The woman said “she yelled and they all got on a white golf card and drove towards Fred J. Miller direction while yelling.”

The deputy was swamped with calls, so he didn’t spot any golf carts. The victim asked for extra patrols.


Property damage: A Brisbon Road man reported Oct. 19 he got up to find someone hit his trash can and broke it. The man found a “clear cover assembly from a headlight in his yard,” but didn’t see the accident.

“The poly-cart/garbage can belongs to Republic Waste Services,” the report said. “The lid of the poly-cart was broke and the side of the poly-cart was split.”

The report said it appears a vehicle headed south on Brisbon ran off the road and hit the poly-cart “with enough force to knock it across the driveway and into the ditch.”

No reports of an accident were filed.


 Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a North Bryan real estate company Oct. 17 “in reference to a suspicious activity on a website.” The complainant said her company website had been “completely deleted.” The woman said she contacted the domain owner and they were able to restore the website. She said a former employee might’ve been responsible and wanted a report on file “in case other incidents occurred.”


Kidnapping, threats, assault, etc: A deputy was sent to BCSO to talk to two women who said they were kidnapped around 11 p.m. Oct. 16 in North Bryan. The woman said they were in a pickup being followed by a white van that pulled in front of them on Frank Hendry Road near the Piggly Wiggly and stopped. Then, two men dressed in black clothes and ski masks got out of the van. The woman said one of them forced his way at gunpoint into the pickup and forced them to take him “a long time and ended up down a dirt road,” while the other man followed in the van. There, one woman said she was forced to take of fher shirt while the other woman said she was tied to the bumper of the pickup using a cell phone cord and then burned with cigarettes. “The suspects then threatened both victims by telling them that ‘they know who their family is’ and ‘will kill them if they call the cops.’ After the threats the males left the area in the van.”

The woman said they were able to free themselves and find their cell phones, and a boyfriend of one of the women came to pick them up. The women said they made the report after they posted on Facebook. “They said they did not intend on reporting this because of the threats, but now have to.”

They were given a case number.





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