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BCSO blotter: Road rage event leads to mooning
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Matter of record: This reportedly occurred around 8:40 p.m. July 8 in South Bryan.

First, deputies were “dispatched to a road rage incident that had ended up at the end of Wexford subdivision,” but were “canceled enroute because the aggressor had left the area.”

But, “the complainant called back after seeing a post on Facebook about the incident and they called so a report could be filed.”

The complainant and witnesses then told a deputy they accidentally cut off a truck in the Harris Trail roundabout area. They said the truck followed them to the Belfast Keller roundabout and tried to cut them off, “by going on the sidewalk of the circle,” then followed them to the Shell Station on 144, where the driver blocked them in and yelled at them, then, when they were able to back out and drive away, they drove up Belfast Keller and tried to hide in Wexford.

“They said the driver blocked them in on a dead end road,” and then got out and began approaching them.

“They said he took off his shirt and was yelling them to get out of the car and was cussing them,” the report continued. “He was demanding apologies from them and they said they yelled out apologies and the guy threw his hands in the air and turned around to walk away and stopped and dropped his pants to ‘moon’ them and then drove off.’” The complainants said they later saw the man post something about Facebook in which the man “put wrong information out about it,” and claimed to have “a dash cam that captured the event.”

Broke down vehicle: Deputies were sent to a Highway 17 address shortly before 7 p.m. July 9 regarding an SUV in someone’s yard with “a group of males walking around the yard and vehicle.” Then deputies heard a car had pulled up near it, and when a deputy arrived he met the males and noted the vehicles “were not on the residential property but were on the shoulder of Highway 17. The unidentified driver said his vehicle had a mechanical breakdown and his sister was contacting a towing service to remove the vehicle at a later time. The unidentified driver and his passengers were picked up by the driver of the (car). They left without incident.”

The deputy then asked dispatch if the original complainant wanted to talk to him, and was told the complainant “was a passing motorist,” and then later heard “that there were four other complainants, none of which were the residents (of the Highway 17 address where the SUV had broken down).”

The deputy then spoke to the residents of that address, and was told she saw the men walking around the vehicle and “as she and her friend were packing their vehicle, one of the males yelled toward them but they ignored him,” and then “started to jog/run toward them. She said she and her friend locked the front door and one of the males began knocking/pounding on the door twice.”

The woman said she was scared so she called her father, and also asked about the family firearm.

The deputy noted here “with all this transpiring, no one decided to call 9-1-1. Instead, she called her father. Her father called someone else who in turn called another neighbor.”

After the deputy left, Bryan County 911 dispatched vehicles to an address “in reference to several suspicious males running after a female and a firearm being involved.”

Two deputies showed up and found nothing, and as it turned out, “the complainant for this call of service heard from someone else about the original incident at (the Highway 17 address) and decided to call 9-1-1 to report it but gave the past incident at a different location.”

The reporting deputy was asked to follow up due to the addition of a firearm being shot, so he went back to the original address but no one was home.

A neighbor then walked over and said he “definitely” heard a shot and “said his wife observed a male walking on the property which they thought was a part of the original suspicious males.” The deputy made it a point in his report to note the following about that particular male walking on the property: “However, what they did not know was it was actually me answering the original complaint. This misleading information caused havoc (for the woman who lived at the address), who thought someone was still on the property.”

The deputy told the neighbor to call the woman’s father, who also reportedly told the deputy his daughter called him and said there was still someone out there even after the other men left, and he told her to “shoot into the air to scare whoever was outside the residence even though she did not see anyone outside. Therefore, she did as her father instructed. After shooting a single shot into the air, she and her friend left the residence enroute to his location. (The father) said his daughter never attempted to call 9-1-1 during the initial incident. Instead she called him, which cause a spider web of miscommunication because she was scared.”

Disorderly conduct: A deputy was called to a Waterford Landing address shortly before 8 p.m. July 11 because a couple said a neighbor threatened to hit their vehicles.

The complainants said the neighbor was upset because a friend’s vehicle, parked on the street in front of their house, was “interfering with (her) driveway.”

So, the neighbor came over, asked the complainants to move the car and “there were words exchanged.”

The complainants wanted to document the incident.

The deputy then talked to the neighbor, who said when she went to ask the complainants to move the car she was called a name and the woman “wanted to fight her.”

She also said the complainant said she was going to “park her vehicle in their driveway tomorrow to be petty,” and was told to call deputies if that happened, etc.

Matter of record: A man headed east on I-16 around 8:19 a.m. July 9 ran into a tree near the 143 mile marker without leaving the interstate. The tree had “just been cut down by a road crew.”

A road crew employee told the deputy “he had just cut down the tree and misjudged the landing clearance of the tree, causing the tree to fall into the roadway and strike (the complainant’s) vehicle.” Nobody was hurt. The vehicle “had functional damage and was removed from the scene by (the owner.).” Everybody got a case number.

Drunk and disorderly: Deputies were sent July 10 to a report of “a person passed out in the middle of Rathlin Road,” in Buckhead. EMS came and the man, who was identified, “was very intoxicated and being abrasive to all parties on scene.”

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