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BCSO blotter: Neighborhood dispute over dog doo doo
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Animal complaint: A deputy was sent June 25 to a Brey’s Cut, Richmond Hill address regarding a woman with “an ongoing problem with a family in her neighborhood letting their dog defecate in her yard and not clean it up. (She) advised that she had video evidence from her security camera.”

The deputy then watched the video, which showed at 4:53 a.m. June 25  “a white male walking a large breed dog.”

The complainant identified the man in the video, which “appears to show the dog defecating on her lawn. The video then shows (the man) turn his back to the camera and bend over, making it look as though he was cleaning up after his dog. When (he) begins to walk away, it is clear he has nothing in his hand. (The complainant) showed me a picture on her cell phone of the dog feces she found in the same spot (the man’s) dog had used the bathroom. (She) also showed me the security video of her cleaning the dog feces up in the same spot.”

The deputy told the woman he’d go talk to the man and also told her to call animal control.

He then spoke to the man via speaker phone, and he “advised he had walked his dog past (the woman’s) residence but had picked up after his dog. I advised (him) that I had reviewed (the woman’s) security camera footage and advised him of what I observed.”

A woman with the same last name as the man told the deputy they’d no longer walk their dog past the woman’s house to avoid future problems.

Matter of record: A Pembroke woman reported June 26  her daughter “had returned from vacation with her father … and her face was severely sunburned.:

The woman said her daughter went to Florida on June 17 with her father and his girlfriend, and she got a text of a photo of her daughter on June 23 “and she saw that her daughters face was so severely sunburned that a blister had formed ad popped on her nose.”

The woman said when her daughter got home June 25  “her face was swollen, peeling and she was in pain.” 

The daughter told her mother they hadn’t put sunblock on her, but the girlfriend texted they’d used sunscreen “but it must have washed off in the ocean. (The mother) has documented the progression of the sunburn with pictures,” the report ended.

 Fraud: An Abbey Drive, Richmond Hill man reported June 26 he got a phone call from someone with a 912 area code number claiming to be with the Richmond Hill Police Department and working on a fraud case, “and that he was involved and that if he would work with them, he would not be arrested.” After calling the number, the man was answered with someone saying Richmond Hill Police Department and when he told them who he was, they transferred him to “the fraud department.”

“The caller then advised him that if he would work with them on this case, he would not be in trouble,” and “at this time he stated he would work with them.”

The man was told to “get all the money out of his checking account and go to the store and get the following cards, Steam card, Ebay card, Google card, and place the money from his checking account on them, then give them the numbers on back of all the cards and when everything was transferred to them, all the money would be put in an account for him and when everything was cleared up he would get all his money back.”
The man wound up buying $1,500 worth of cards and when he called back and was given a case number and badge number.

He was told how to get a copy of the report “and to check the rest of his credit files and any other bank accounts,” the report ended.

 Missing person: Deputies were sent to an Eton Court, Richmond Hill drive on June 30 after a man said an elderly woman with a dog followed him home in her car. The woman told the deputy she thought a car in front of the man’s house belonged to her daughter.

“(The woman) stated that she was working with a road crew when she got lost. (She) informed me that she was in North Carolina and she and her dog were trying to find (her daughter’s) house.”

The deputy ran the woman’s North Carolina tag number and found she’d been entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center as a missing person, so he got a number for the woman’s daughter and called her. The daughter said her mother had been missing since the day before. Bryan EMS came to take the woman to the hospital to Savannah. The man said her car could be parked in his driveway and he’d take care of the dog until the daughter could come and get the car. The deputy went with the woman to St. Joseph’s, where he was told the woman would be closely watched until the daughter came.

“I informed (the daughter) that I was leaving St. Joseph’s hospital, but that I would send her a copy of the case card,” the deputy wrote. “Upon leaving the hospital (the woman) was still confused about what year it was, and that she thought she was at a hospital in South Carolina.”

 Simple battery: Deputies were sent June 27 to a Mackay Drive, Richmond Hill home “initially reference somebody pouring beer on the couch,” a report said.

It was more than that. A deputy talked to the “homeowner/complainant,” who “at first stated she wanted a (woman) to leave her residence. (Complainant) stated that (the woman) grabbed her in the face after she asked her to leave. (Complainant) stated that (the woman) had also thrown a beer into her face.”

That woman had a different story. She said she was asked to give the complainant’s husband a ride home “cause of him being intoxicated,” the report said. (The woman) said she then drove (the man) home and went inside with him and that’s when everything started. (She) never stated she had hit anyone and she was asked to leave.”

A witness, a friend of the complainant “stated that when (the woman) started her approach to (the complainant) and then grabbed (the complainant) she then grabbed (the woman) in the attempt to break  up whatever was fixing to happen and that’s when (the woman) turned around and punched her in the lower lip area.”
The complainant’s friend then said “it was then she returned a punch into the lips of (the woman).”

A deputy looked at both women and saw “a swollen lower lip and some small cuts from a tooth” on the woman and “a swollen lip” on the complainant’s friend. “EMS was not needed and all parties were asked to leave the residence for the night. All left including (the complainant,) but her husband stayed at the residence.”
Everybody was told how to get a copy of the report and how to see the magistrate judge if they wanted to.

 Damage to property: Deputies responded June 29 to a Lake Road, Ellabell address regarding “a possibly ‘sabotaged’ pool.”

A deputy reported “upon arrival I met with the listed complainant who stated that upon leaving their residence at 9 a.m. they observed the pool was perfectly clear with no particulates accumulated in either filter of the pool and nothing floating on the surface. Upon returning to their residence they observed several dark substances in the filter and atop the surface. A sample of the substance was collected by the complainant and they will be submitting it for testing at an undisclosed location,” the report said.
The deputy also wrote, “the substance did not appear to be oily and may have been ash from a local large fire that was actively burning at around that time.”

The complainant wanted a report to file with insurance.

 Lost gun: A Wysteria Drive, Richmond Hill man reported June 27 that he can’t find his firearm. “(The man) stated that he had last seen his firearm when he placed it on the top part of his dresser drawers the night before …. (He) stated je just can’t remember if had taken it from that location and for 2 hours looked all over the house for the firearm with no results,” the report said. “(He) just needs the firearm logged into the database for safety concerns.”

The man was given a report number and told to let BCSO know if he finds it. The gun was described as a black 9-millimeter Glock 17.

Theft of lost or mislaid property: A woman reported June 25 she was buying “fuel for her jet skis at the Zip-in located on Fort McAllister Road,” when she “set her wallet down on the jet ski trailer and forgot about it.”

The woman said when she got to the public boat ramp she realized she didn’t have her wallet, so she drove back to toward the convenience store looking for it and found it “laying on Fort McAllister Road near the dirt road that leads to the Animal Shelter.”

The woman’s six credit cards were missing. She canceled the cards, the report said.

Obstruction, etc: An Ellabell woman was arrested June 28 after she reportedly got angry and refused a deputy’s request she stop riding her ATV on the county right of way.    The reporting deputy said he was patrolling Highway 280 near Thompson’s Tire when he saw two “Four Wheelers traveling at a fast speed, one red, one green in color on the county right of way.”

The deputy said he got on the PA and told the two riders they couldn’t ride on the shoulder of the road “but hey kept going,” and so he pulled in to a driveway to block them, and told the two women “riding the Four Wheelers on the side of the road was not permitted by State Law and they would have to be taken back home,” the report said.

That’s when the woman “got very upset and yelled we are (riding) on private property and you cannot stop us from riding anywhere!!!,” the report said. The woman was then told “even when riding on private property you must have the homeowner’s written consent because we have a lot of complaints of Four Wheelers damaging drive ways,” the deputy noted. “She then advised me, yelling in a loud voice, that she had every home owners written consent on Highway 280 east.”

The other rider then asked the woman to go back home, saying “we don’t need this drama.” The woman insisted on continuing up the road. The deputy asked for her license, and claims the woman “screamed at me again,” saying she didn’t have her license and wanting to know why she was being stopped. The deputy reported he advised the woman, “very calmly, M’am, for the third time,” to “please take the Four Wheeler home and I will be on my way.”
The woman refused, and the deputy told her she’d be cited and the ATVs would be towed, and asked the woman to get off.

She refused. The deputy told her to get off or go to jail. The woman “out of control,” then cranked up the ATV and tried to drive off. The deputy took out his handcuffs and the woman pulled away, the deputy fell down and then pulled out his TASER “and attempted to place her under arrest then she ran on the other side of the Four Wheeler started screaming and telling me what I was and wasn’t going to do and I cannot arrest her for riding a Four Wheeler.”

The deputy said the woman’s companion videoed the episode, “this is when you can clearly see (the woman) yelling and out of control stating you are a big man for arresting a woman, I hope that you feel good about yourself.”

A second deputy was called and the woman was arrested, “still trying to resist.”

It’s unclear from the report whether or not she was tased.

Disorderly conduct: This report from a deputy was kept short and simple: “On June 28, I responded to (a Sanctuary Drive, Richmond Hill address) in reference to an intoxicated adult male harassing juveniles.”

Downed power line: A deputy was sent June 27 sent to Highway 119 North in Pembroke “in reference to a tractor hitting and tearing down a live power line.”

When the deputy arrived, he saw the power line hanging about two feet over the center of the road and nearly torn in two. No one was injured. A woman reported she was behind the tractor when “the line sprung back from the tractor, it hit her new vehicle.”
The deputy noted he saw “scratches and marks,” on the new SUV where the power line hit.

The tractor was hauling a set of “hydraulic assisted harrows, that were in the upright position, the position used for travel to and from work sites,” the report said.”
The deputy checked the height of the harrow and found it was 15 feet. He then spoke to the complainant, “who stated that the power line appeared to be getting lower and lower, and that it was drooping across the highway. (He) states that he was watched this tractor travel this same route for a long period of time and it has never had any issues with this power line, but today it was hit.”

The deputy then spoke with power company people who said the line should be “in the neighborhood of 21 feet high over a state route such as Highway 119,” the report said. “The approximate height of the line this date was somewhere around 14 to 16 feet. Georgia Power arrived on scene and cleared the roadway and repaired the line. All involved parties were allowed to leave the scene.”

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