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BCSO blotter: Man takes shot at drone filming property
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports: 

Shooting at a drone: Deputies were sent May 18 to a Demeries Lake address where a woman reported she and a realtor were preparing a house for sale by flying a drone around the property in order to get “some aerial views of the house when they heard a gunshot,” a report said.

It came from a neighbor’s house, and a man drove over and started yelling at them and went back home, the report said. Deputies talked to the man, “who stated he did shoot at the drone because it was flying over his property and appeared to be watching his house.” The man said had he been told it was a realtor flying the drone he would not have been concerned. The man was told “it is against the law to shoot at a drone and discharge a firearm in a residential area.

Drugs, more: Deputies were sent to a Highway 280 convenience store around 9:15 p.m. May 24 regarding or black SUV parked in front of the store.

Inside the car was a woman who was described as agitated and incoherent. She had her two young sons in the back of the vehicle, the report said, and deputies began contacting family members to come and get the children. Their father as first to arrive and got them out of the car.

A deputy then talked to the woman, noting “it was becoming clear she was having a psychotic episode of some kind,” and would have to be taken to a mental health provider. Then the woman’s father arrived and told the deputy his daughter “has most likely taken some methamphetamine and this is what is causing her psychosis.”

The deputy was also told the woman keeps a loaded weapon in her car. As deputies were preparing to get the woman to the hospital, some suspected meth was found in a folded up piece of paper in her pocket. A search of her SUV led to deputies finding a loaded Ruger automatic in a cubby hole near the radio.

The woman was arrested for meth and possession of the weapon. Her car was turned over to her mother.

Drugs: A 45-year-old Eden woman was arrested around 1:48 a.m. May 22 after she kept passing out at the register of the Arby’s restaurant on Highway 280 at the Love’s truck stop.

Meth was found on the woman, who deputies found sleeping at a table. She also had a warrant on her from Chatham County. She was taken to jail.

Bullet in house: A Belfast River Road resident reported May 16 he found a bullet “stuck in the siding of his hoe.” The man had taken a photo of the damage and removed what might’ve been a .22 bullet from the house with a pair of pliers.

He pointed to an area across Belfast River and said he’d heard shots before. He was told to call BCSO if he heard more shots.

Criminal trespass: A woman reported May 23 people are trespassing on their property off Oak View Point Drive in South Bryan. “She stated that people have continuously trespassed on the property and set fire to the inside of hollow trees. She stated that she is worried that this will catch the trees on the rest of the property on fire.” The woman said over the years “tens of thousands of dollars worth of property has been damaged.”

The woman said she’s also worried someone will hurt themselves and then hold the owners liable. The deputy told her she should ask for extra patrol and install cameras. He gave her a case number.

DUI, more: A deputy on patrol on Highway 17 on May 25 clocked a vehicle going 92 mph.

A traffic stop ensued, the man smelled of booze, and he was unsteady on his feet. He denied drinking and declined to take a field sobriety test. He also had a suspended license and some open containers in his glove compartment. He was arrested and charged with open container, DUI, driving while license suspended and speeding.

Verbal argument: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 7 p.m. regarding threats. There, the complainant said he was riding his golf cart in the road (and as he passed a house, the owner) came out in the road and threatened him.

The complainant said the man “was accusing him of taking pictures of his juvenile daughter. (Complainant) stated that he had not taken pictures of anyone.”

The deputy spoke to the other man, who said the complainant “is constantly riding past his residence on his golf cart antagonizing him. He stated that he believes that (the complainant) has been taking pictures of his residence and his juvenile child.”

Both men were told to stay away from one another and how to get a copy of the report.

Verbal argument: An Ellabell woman reported May 21 that her boyfriend was “acting erratic and arguing with her.”

During the argument he ripped up her stimulus check, she told deputies. He was gone when the deputy got there.”

Possession of Meth: Deputies checking out suspicious vehicle at Dasher’s Landing on May 18 spotted the car leaving the area and pulled it over. There, the passenger jumped out and began running. He got away.

A search of the car turned up meth, and warrants will be sought. His mother, who was driving the car, was free to leave after the search.

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