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BCSO blotter: Dispute over deer hunting tree stand divides neighbors
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From Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports.

Harassing communications: An Ellabell man reported March 18 his neighbor was harassing him over a tree stand for deer hunting.

The complainant said the tree stand was initially given to him as a birthday gift, but then his neighbor wanted him to pay for it, and when the complainant tried to return it the man “insisted he keep it and just pay him,” and they agreed on $150 with the complainant paying when he had some extra money. 

“Once a few weeks passed (the neighbor) got upset and the price changed from $150 to $200 in which (the complainant) insisted he take it back,” the report continued. “(The neighbor) said no just him when he can at which time (the complainant) paid him a sum of $100.” 

As time went on, the complainant said, he started getting text messages from his neighbor in which he said he would “’make things happen’” if he wasn’t paid. 

The complainant showed the deputy threatening Facebook posts made by the neighbor, who wasn’t around when the deputy took the report. He told the complainant to call BCSO if the man came on his property trying to confront him. 


Speeding: A deputy headed west on Highway 144 around 11 a.m. March 20 clocked a vehicle going 121 mph. 

“As the vehicle approached closer I observed it was followed very closely by a black motorcycle,” the deputy reported.  

He conducted a U-turn and pulled the vehicle over, but the biker kept going. The deputy radioed for assistance and an RHPD officer was able to stop the motorcycle at the I-95 interchange.  

The driver of the vehicle  was arrested for going 121 mph. The motorcyclist was arrested for going 120 mph. Both were released to Fort Stewart MPs. 


Stolen vehicle: Deputies were sent to a convenience store on Highway 204 on March 17 regarding a stolen minivan. 

The complainant said he unloaded the minivan on a nearby lot the night before and left the key in the vehicle because the battery was dead. When he got there the next day the van was gone. 

“Complainant said he had possession of the vehicle because he had been contracted to move the vehicle from its point of origin to the ports in Savannah,” the report said. “(He) said the actual owners of the vehicle are located in Nigeria, Africa and is a car dealership …”  

The complainant said he needed a police report or he’d be responsible for the $1,400 the vehicle cost. 


Criminal trespass: A Richmond Hill man reported March 19 his front door had been damaged. The man said the night before he heard “an unknown vehicle pulling into his driveway” around 9 p.m.,, then heard a “loud crashing sound at his front door.” 

When he went out to check it out, the vehicle took off, “leaving a basketball in the front yard.”
The next morning, the man “noticed a mark and a print that appeared to resemble a basketball on the central right panel of the front door,” the report said. 

He assumed it was a prank and asked for a damage to property report. He got one.  


Affray: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 12:30 a.m.  March 20 regarding “an affray between two intoxicated sisters.” In order to make them easier to identify, call them Sister A and Sister B. 

One deputy spoke to Sister A, who was “highly intoxicated and acting belligerent.” Another deputy spoke to witnesses, who said Sister A was “only supposed to come visit for the day,” and was  “tipsy when she arrived at their residence,” and “continued to drink throughout the day.” 

At some point, a witness said Sister A threw “an alcoholic drink at (Sister B),” and a witness went in and got in between the two women to separate them. At some point, Sister A left, “however she returned and started continuously ringing the doorbell,” the report continued. 

Sister A had a different story. She claimed “she and her sister … were wrestling in the front yard when (Sister B’s husband) pulled (Sister B) off of her, and (Sister B) began choking her.”
A deputy reported there was no sign Sister A had been choked, and a witness said the two sisters never fought in the front yard, though “he stiff-armed his aunt to create distance).” 

“Due to conflicting stories, different recollection of events and neither party wishing to prosecute, (Sister A) said she would sleep in her vehicle until the morning,” the report said, noting both sisters turned down being checked by EMS. 


DUI, etc: A 19-year-old Ellabell man was arrested around 11 p.m. March 19 after deputies were dispatched to a report “of a suspicious vehicle driving erratically and doing ‘donuts’ in a neighboring yard. 

There, they found the man in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that was “damaged all over.” The man appeared intoxicated and smelled of alcohol, and when asked if he’d been doing donuts in his yard or any other yard, the man said he was just “chilling” and had been sitting there for hours. 

Then, he had a change of heart and admitted to drinking and to being underage. 

And, “he continued to say he was just stopped in Port Wentworth for an open container about two hours prior and he just arrived home.” 

A check of the yard showed there were “multiple ruts like someone driving a track,” and a witness told deputies the man “spun out” all over the place and at one point might’ve hit the rear of a home. The report said a dog kennel in a back yard had been run over, but there was no sign the home had been damaged.  

The man blew a .146 and deputies found a half bottle of liquor and a six pack of beer, as well as the citation from Port Wentworth police for open container. 

The man was charged with underage drinking, DUI and open container. 


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