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BCN student intern asks Congressman Carter about youth issues
Buddy Carter

Last Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter, R-1, made an appearance at the grand reopening of the Miller Teen Center in Pembroke.

He spoke to visitors at the teen center and also answered some questions regarding issues that concerned members of the SADD club.

Question: Are there any other national youth led organizations that you’re aware of. If so, which ones?

Congressman Carter explained how there was not any national youth led organizations that he was aware of at the moment. However, he stressed that “youth helping youth is what a community needs.” Carter stressed the importance of prevention of destructive decisions, and says by doing this “the entire community becomes a better place” 

Question: What issues among the youth are you most concerned about at the moment?

Carter started off with “every 1 in 5 millennials have said they have no friends.” The Congressman said he was concerned our youth have become “isolated and apart from each other.” He also mentioned the violence of video games and how these cause tragedies like mass shootings. Carter mentioned the recent El Paso shooting and stressed that youth would not do such things if they were given the right outlets.

Question: What are your thoughts and views on the education of youth and parents about the opioid epidemic?

Carter is the only pharmacist in Congress. He believes with his background in medicine, he has witnessed the opioid crisis first hand. Congressman Carter again brought up the importance of prevention. He said parents and teenagers should be working with the community to identify the problem.

Furthermore, Carter said he believed rehabilitation is the next step for people that are already addicted to opioids.

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