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Bail out passes
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Reaction was mixed to the $700 billion bail out, which passed the House Friday and was signed into law. U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston, who represents Bryan County, voted against the bill twice.

"Rather than righting the ship, we’ve run for the lifeboats," Kingston said. "While the core bill has been improved since Monday, I’m still unconvinced it will avert an economic downturn. I hope I’m wrong but suspect we will be back soon for further debate. The economy will remain my highest priority and I will continue to fight for the alternatives not included in this bill."

Bryan County Commission Chairman and Bryan Bank & Trust CEO Jimmy Burnsed said the measure could be the key to turning the economy back around "because there are so many other things. The imports are down now, so the dollar is increasing and we don’t have that big import-export debt to foreign countries. It’s going to turn around. This economy is too big to fail – especially if they do this bail out right."


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