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Animal group says it rescues 11 dogs in Bryan County
Coastal Pet Rescue seeks to get county to adopt 'anti-tethering' policies
One of the dogs reportedly rescued by Coastal Pet Rescue in Bryan County.

A Savannah-based pet rescue group wants Bryan County Commissioners to crack down on people who leave their pets chained outside.

The group, Coastal Pet Rescue, recently rescued 11 of 12 dogs reported “living on chains” in a trailer park in Bryan County, according to both a post on Facebook sent Saturday to the Bryan County News and in a story on the group’s website.

Here’s the group’s Facebook post:


Just two weeks ago, we began work at the request of a concerned neighbor to rescue 12 dogs living on chains in a trailer park in Bryan County. It's been a very long and dedicated process, but today, we brought in the last four of 11 we were able to get custody. It has been a tremendous team effort, not just the rescue but all the after care, and the transformation for some of the dogs has been nothing short of amazing.

It's much too long for a Friday night facebook post, so we've shared the story on our website. If you live in Bryan County, we hope you will read it, and then take time to contact your county commissioners and ask them to consider anti-tethering ordinances in your county.


Here’s the link.


The News will update this story. 

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