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A very exciting adventure to leap into
Katie Threatt represented Bryan County in the Georgia state spelling bee competition last weekend. She's ready to go back.

Editor's note: We asked Katie Threatt, the Bryan County Spelling Bee champ who advanced to district and then state competition, to write down her thoughts about what she's accomplished. Here's what she had to say.

"My name is Katie Threatt and I have successfully made my way through my class, school, county, district, and very close to winning the spelling bee for the state. I am only a fifth grader and I never would have dreamed of making it all the way to Atlanta to the state spelling bee! I am 10 years old and turning 11 on Aug. 29, 2007. I’d say that all of my spelling ability should be really dedicated to my Mom, Peggy Threatt and my brother, James Darrell Threatt, Jr.

They both have helped me a lot in my success. Especially my Mom, she has gotten stressed out trying to help me but she says that it was all worth it. It took many long hours and days to practice and study to get this far and I really think I have a chance at winning the Scripps National some day! It was a very exciting adventure to leap into.

I was so happy when I won for my school and moved on to the county, but never imagined that I would make it to district and then to the state. The most exciting part was being on stage and got to spell a word I actually knew. I would like to thank everyone who supported me by coming and cheering me on when I was nervous. The way I look at it, I still have three more years to succeed."


Katie Threatt

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