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Watch: How to start a conversation with a person with disabilities
In an announcement by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Apple's Siri and CEO Tim Cook have some simple but effective advice for outreach to those with disabilities. - photo by Payton Davis
Some people might overthink striking up conversation when meeting a person with a disability.

But Apple's Siri and CEO Tim Cook say in a public service announcement by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation that it's easy: Just say "Hi."

The video, part of the CPF's Just Say Hi campaign, aims to encourage inclusion, showing how those with disabilities contribute to innovation, Katie Dupere wrote for Mashable.

"At Apple, we believe inclusion inspires innovation, diversity gives us strength, and that includes people with disabilities," Cook says in the video.

According to Mashable, Siri and Cook's advice seems simple but proves effective.

"The seemingly small gesture has a big impact, challenging the all-too-common feelings of discomfort non-disabled people have when interacting with people with disabilities," Mashable's piece read.

Jordyn Taylor wrote for Mic that Siri is backing the initiative for the long haul.

When iPhone users ask, "Hey Siri, how do you start a conversation with someone who has a disability?" Siri gives the same answer she does in the public service announcement.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation CEO Robert Ellenson told Mic through a spokesman why Cook, Siri and Apple in general "were natural fits" for the campaign.

"Leading a world forward takes courage. Having a vision you insist on bringing to reality takes extraordinary determination and resilience. It's easy to think of Apple as the juggernaut it is today," Mic quoted Ellenson as saying. "But what's most compelling to me is the company's history and Tim [Cook]'s history. The unrelenting belief in a humanistic and accessible world that brings together a single person's individuality with a song of community and advancement."

Edward C. Baig wrote for USA Today that actor Michael J. Fox, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi and comedian John Oliver also shot announcements for the campaign.
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