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This Lukes Diner had the most authentic experience of them all
Gilmore Girls fans across the United States certainly got their fill on Wednesday, as cafes and diners across America transformed into the shows famous Lukes Diner." - photo by Herb Scribner
Gilmore Girls fans across the United States certainly got their fill last Wednesday, as cafes and diners across America transformed into the shows famous Lukes Diner for one day only.

As I wrote about it for the Deseret News, Netflix asked more than 200 coffee shops to re-create the Lukes Diner experience by adding signs to their windows, asking their baristas to wear specialty aprons and sliding a Lukes Diner sleeve on cups sold to celebrate the 16-year anniversary of Gilmore Girls.

The Comoncy Cafe in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, may have had the most authentic experience of them all, as Scott Patterson, who plays Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, showed up to celebrate the day with fans and coffee connoisseurs alike, according to HelloGiggles.

Patterson greeted fans outside of the shop, and he handed out coffee.

The Lukes Diner celebration comes about two months before the hit prime-time show makes its return, this time as a miniseries on Netflix. The new Gilmore Girls show, called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, will debut Nov. 25.

Patterson told Variety he was glad the show could come back for the fans.

I was always hopeful about the show. Im glad we got to give the fans what they truly deserve, Patterson told Variety.

His character Luke will also make a return. Patterson said fans should expect to see the same ol Luke going around Stars Hollow, the shows fictional town.

Luke is Luke, he said. I think the reason why fans love him so much is because he doesnt change. Hes kind of a rock that way, so fans are going to get more of that.

But the Lukes Diner event wasnt the only cool thing Netflix launched Wednesday. The streaming-service company released a featurette video called Were Back, which includes exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the new miniseries.

As Rolling Stone reported, actors, actresses and crew members point out various areas in the fictional Stars Hollow set, while talking about what theyre excited about in the new rendition of the show.

Gilmore Girls, which ran from 2000 to 2007, has been praised for its family friendly nature. Common Sense Media explained the show does well teaching youngsters valuable lessons about getting acquainted with the real world.

And despite there being some discussions on sex, alcohol and a partying lifestyle, Common Sense Media says the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Parents need to know that, thanks to its potential to stimulate relevant conversation, they would benefit from watching this show with their teens, according to Common Sense Media. One of the two central characters is a single mother raising the daughter she had as a teenager. Themes of class, tenacity, and family dynamics are common threads. The program delivers positive messages about diversity and learning. Characters of all races, shapes, and sizes are positively represented. All of these positives outweigh any iffy episode-to-episode content.
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