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Think youve seen it all? What these parents catch their toddler doing on the security camera is uns
When his parents leave the room he does something very strange. - photo by Melinda Fox
Parents install security cameras in their children's rooms to achieve peace of mind, but sometimes what they see on camera causes the opposite effect. When parents Chuck and Kate Booth reviewed the footage captured on the camera in their son Conner's room, they discovered something unsettling.

The security camera footage shows the toddler climbing the bars of the crib until he reaches the top. He then balances on the small railing for a full 22 seconds before he falls back into the crib.

This is certainly concerning because little Conner could have hurt himself, but when Chuck and Kate posted the video, the internet had another concern: that the toddler was possessed.

Honestly, the combination of Conner's amazing balance with his mirrored eyes and blood-curdling wail does provoke the question of the paranormal. However, Conner's parents assured the world that their son is fine, he simply has an extraordinary talent for balance. So maybe we'll see Conner win a gold medal for gymnastics one day. Check out the video and see for yourself.
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