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Spotify is testing out an explicit content filter for families
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Spotify is testing a new explicit content filter specifically for family subscription plans, a source recently told The Verge.

Spotify added an explicit filter earlier in April for all Premium members who listen through the Spotify mobile app. The option is only available for those with individual accounts and devices, but Spotify hopes to add it to more devices in the future.

One option would be to add it to family accounts.

Bringing it to family plans is an obvious addition, one that would make it more competitive with parents. Although the company is only testing the filter for now, it would make sense to see the feature implemented permanently at some point down the line, according to The Verge.

Currently, both Apple Music and Pandora allow parents to reject explicit content from their music. Google Play offers a filter for radio streams as well. Spotify has yet to add any filtering service.

Spotify recently launched a major overhaul of its free service, giving users a chance to listen to music on-demand while using the mobile app, according to The Independent. Up until now, free users could only listen to songs on shuffle.

Now, they can listen to music on 15 personalized playlists. Thats about 750 songs, or about 40 hours, of music. In fact, users could even listen to playlists included on Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists.

The change came alongside an updated app that will ask free users who their favorite artists are so that the service can tailor random music to them, The Verge reported.

Spotifys chief R&D officer Gustav Sderstrm said Monday that he wants to help free users feel satisfied with the product and not like theyre using a secondary product.

Spotify currently has 90 million free users and 71 million paid subscribers, according to USA Today. Currently, the app holds a 41 percent share of the U.S. market for streaming service, with Apple Music being the main rival.
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