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Nintendo Switch becomes best-selling console in U.S. history in 1 year
The NPD Group, an American market research company, told Mashable this week that Nintendo became the most installed video game console in U.S. history in its first 12 months of existence. - photo by Herb Scribner
The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console in U.S. history over the course of a full year, according to Mashable.

The NPD Group, an American market research company, released a report this week that stated that Nintendo became the most installed video game console in U.S. history in its first 12 months of existence.

That means Nintendo sold more consoles in its first 12 months than any other video game system, including the PlayStation 2 and the Wii.

Official sales numbers are only released from corporate press releases.

However, according to, handheld devices arent included in these rankings.

If they were, the Switch wouldn't be the best-seller, another Nintendo product would be: the Game Boy Advance, according to

Back in January, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch was the fastest-selling game console in its first 10 months by selling 4.8 million units, surpassing PlayStation 2s record for the fastest-selling console ever, the Deseret News reported.

Nintendo expected to reach 17 million units sold by April.

If the Switch maintains its current pace, it will sell close to 30 million copies in two years, which is more than double the Wii U units sold in five years time, reported.

However, dont make the Switch out to be the sales king. The PlayStation 4 sold more than any other console in February, outselling the Switch by 30 percent, according to

Still, the Switch continues to have widespread appeal to gamers, kids and parents alike. The device is a mix of a handheld and a stationary console, which gives people the full gaming experience, TechCrunch reported.

The video game news site Polygon said that the systems price, $299.99, is a bargain compared to other systems, too.

The Switch has games parents want to play and feel comfortable letting kids play, and those that kids want to play and double as a fun distraction on long car rides, according to Polygon. Plenty of parents use these as excuses to get a toy they want to play with, and I dont blame them. Nintendo has mastered the art of making hardware and games that work with your family.

Tech website T3 said the Nintendo Switch followup console, the Switch 2, will probably launch around 2022 since Nintendo systems have a five- to six-year life cycle.

A Nintendo Switch 2 is the furthest out of any next-gen console Nintendo can ride the first Switch wave for a while yet but you can bet the finest minds in Nintendo are already thinking about what might be next, according to T3.
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