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Have You Seen This? Wookie in the club
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KASHYYYK Say youre a nerd like me, but unlike me you also like to hit the clubs and/or jam out to auto-tuned, house remixes.

If I described any or all parts of your personal tastes, then this video is for you. Thanks to Eclectic Method a self-described video remix DJ producer you can get your club groove going with your favorite wookie, Chewbacca.

Frankly, the video is genius (but still entirely silly). Eclectic Method expertly picks the perfect wookie yells and auto-tunes them into a delightful mix homage to the Star Wars franchise and to our main hairy alien. After watching, you will not be asking for someone to get this big walking carpet out of my way, you will be asking for more wookie remixes to help you pump up the jam.

If you arent a nerd or of a nerd persuasion that takes you to a galaxy far, far away, dont worry. Just like his name suggests, Eclectic Method pulls from all kinds of movies and TV shows to make remixes, like this remix of Penguins of Madagascar. That being said, it appears he doesnt always pick from PG resources, so proceed with caution upon further exploration.

May the Force (and the sweet wookie jams) be with you.
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