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Have You Seen This? Pet owner makes Jurassic Park pen for tortoise
People love their pets. Sometimes, they love them enough to build them a movie-themed enclosure. - photo by Angie Treasure
JURASSIC PARK My family didnt have a lot of pets growing up. My oldest sister had squawking parakeets, my grandma gave us a rabbit for Easter that we had for about a year before it got too mean and we had to give it away, and we even didnt get a family dog until the youngest in the family was 12.

While some of it may be strange, I fully understand the lengths people go to for their pets. People carry small dogs in little purses, adhere to strict medication regiments for their ailing iguanas and diligently comb out the tangle-prone hair of their Himalayan cats.

So it shouldnt come as much of a surprise to people when a video came out showing an elaborate miniature recreation of Jurassic Park: for a tortoise.

In the description of the video, owner Oliver Turpin wrote, I made a miniature Jurassic Park for my Leopard Tortoise Louie. It has grazing areas with seeds planted to grow as the weather gets better, a pool for him to drink/swim about in, a visitors center and the Jurassic Park gates.

Well, Oliver, we love it. And it looks like Louie loves it too.
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