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Have You Seen This? Nightmare-sized bear
We all know that bears are big, but this video really puts things into perspective. - photo by Martha Ostergar
MOTHER RUSSIA Bears are big. Bears are fast. Bears are dangerous.

Yeah, yeah, we all know that. But unless youve encountered a bear in real life, it may be hard to fully visualize how truly big and powerful a bear can be. And thats where this video comes in, which features a nightmare-sized bear, the likes of which Ive never seen.

The only context the video provides is the title, Bear plays with man, as translated from Russian via Google Translate. (Keeping it real, up in here.) But when you actually see the video, you will have so many questions and exclamations.

These are some things I said: Uh, that bear is massive. Why did this man seemingly voluntarily choose to be in an enclosure with a bear of that size? Wait, that bears head is bigger than the mans torso that cant be right, can it? Those paws and claws, man. Not even once.

Seeing this big ol brown bear is one thing, but add that to other things that bears can do and it once again becomes clear that bears might become our overlords. Watch this bear climb a wall, or this bear walk like a human, or this bear toss around a box with a human inside, or this bear traverse a rope, or this bear trying to get an education.

See what I mean? Stay safe out there in the wilderness, people. And don't give the bears any reading materials that will increase the liklihood of them taking over the world.
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