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Have You Seen This? Making a guitar from scratch
Patrick Hufschmid has demonstrated that he is a master craftsmen in a recent time-lapse video. - photo by Faith Heaton Jolley
MUSIC LAND I have zero crafty or creative abilities.

My friends who hold annual craft parties can attest to this. If I dont have someone to walk me through the steps and explain in great detail exactly what I should be doing, I cant create anything and even with the specific instructions, I still sometimes foul up my home decor projects.

Luckily for our world, not everyone is as inept at creating and designing as I am. Patrick Hufschmid has demonstrated that he is a master craftsman in a recent YouTube video. Hufschmid describes himself as the Anglo-Swiss luthier and specializes in building six and seven string guitars.

According to his website, he hand selects the woods he uses for his instruments and is known for maintaining the natural appearance of the wood.

Hufschmid created a time-lapse video showing him create one of his recent guitars, and it is amazing. It shows the incredible detail and precision that goes into creating a musical instrument. Almost as cool as the visuals of watching him measure, saw and sand the guitar are the sounds of his wood-working equipment.

The video is 7 minutes long, but its a very satisfying watch.
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