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Have You Seen This? Delta safety video gets Internet-centric
Delta Air Lines has released a new safety video with old and new famous Internet faces. - photo by Martha Ostergar
UP IN THE AIR Fresh and hip airline safety videos are all the rage these days, with Air New Zealand perhaps taking the lead with Hobbit-centric videos in the past and a new world-famous surfers video.

But Delta Air Lines made a strong contribution with their new safety video starring dozens of Internet-famous faces, old and new.

Youll see crazy-old favorites like the Oogachaka Dancing Baby and Evolution of Dance as well as classic like Keyboard Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, Charlie Bit My Finger and many more.

But the Internet star that actually gets the most screen time is the Will It Blend? guy, who you may also know as Blentecs CEO Tom Dickson.

As you work your way through the 6-minute video, you wont think Dickson is the star, but his shining moment comes at the end where Delta has constructed a fun play on the Will It Blend? brand. In the final moments of the video (if youre on a desktop), you can click on eight different Blendtec blender buttons, any of which will take you to a short blended version of the safety video. I particularly enjoyed the weirdness of Crush.

In a press release, Delta said they decided to honor the Internet with their new safety video to coincide with YouTubes 10th anniversary.

"Delta's meme-tastic new safety video is not only a fitting homage to YouTube as we celebrate its 10th birthday this month," said Stephanie Davis, Industry Director for Travel at Google in the release. "It's also a winning example of how to reach, engage and entertain customers around the world with great video content."

Enjoy your trip down Internet memory lane, dear readers. I know I did.
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