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Have You Seen This? Chubby squirrel meets full-sized donut
Its basically a cuter, more socially acceptable version of pizza rat. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE NUT HOUSE Theres a reason why rodents of all shapes and sizes tend to gather where humans dwell we have the best food.

OK, maybe we dont have the best food, but we arent necessarily good rodent defenders. And frankly, its not an easy job.

First of all, rodents can squeeze through openings that look way too small for their bodies. Second, they are crafty opportunists with all their slinking next to walls and darting to and fro with impeccable timing. And third, these days most of us would rather film a rodent being weird rather than do something about it.

The perfect example of the last point is Pizza Rat. As you probably know, this rat was caught on film hauling an entire piece of pizza down the subway steps in New York. (Heres a link for the four of you who dont know about Pizza Rat.) The internet went crazy with fascination and disgust.

Now meet Donut Squirrel. His rise to fame hasnt quite taken off like Pizza Rats, but he certainly is a cuter, more socially acceptable version of the same thing. (But dont fool yourself, squirrels are still rodents.)

In the video, youll see the chubby little fellow up in a tree with an entire raised donut clutched in his paws. But instead of trying to drag his food to a dark crevice to eat in peace, Donut Squirrel is not ashamed. Hes munching on that sugared donut like hes having a lazy weekend morning, eating a donut hes earned after a long week of doing squirrel stuff.

This video was first posted online in December, but its just starting to garner the attention it deserves.
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