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Have You Seen This? Blind man draws self portrait
If youre expecting fine art, youll be disappointed, but youll never be disappointed in Tommy Edisons incontrovertible sense of humor. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE ART STUDIO If youve never heard of Tommy Edison, Im more than pleased to introduce you to this Internet star.

Readers, please meet Tommy Edison. No, hes not an inventor, hes a man who has been blind since birth and captured the love of the Internet as The Blind Film Critic. But he doesnt stop with movie reviews; he also willingly and shares his experiences with the world through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

There are many reasons why following him on any or all of these outlets is fascinating, but my personal favorite reason is his infectious and bubbly sense of humor, as you shall see.

In this video, Edison asks his followers to suggest something he can draw. He starts with a cat, moves onto his car, then draws a self portrait for the ages. If youre expecting fine art, youll be disappointed, but you wont be disappointed in Edisons incontrovertible sense of humor.

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