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Have You Seen This? Bear just wants to play golf
Bear sees golf. Bear wants to play golf. Bear smells food. Bear really just wants to eat food in peace and then leave. - photo by Mary Dalrymple

THE GOLF COURSE From what I hear, golfing is really nice. Everyone enjoys a great day out on the course, am I right?

OK, I've never been golfing. And after watching this video, I am likely to never want to go.

The video, captured by Gary Cox at a golf course in Anchorage, Alaska, shows two men golfing when a friendly neighborhood bear decides to join in on the game. Probably after hearing about how fun golfing is from all his friends, Mr. Bear walks right on up to explore the scene.

The golfers, on the other hand, are not that excited about golfing with a bear, and I can't really blame them. Though the bear seems relatively timid, they begin to slowly back away as the bear comes closer and closer to their bags. By the time they realize the bear is going after their snack stash, it's too late, and they resort to growling and yelling in an attempt to scare him off.

Mr. Bear manages to pull a can out of one of the golf bags before the men succeed in scaring him off. But the way the bear slowly saunters back to the woods makes me think he wasn't really scared, he just got what he was looking for and is ready to head home.

Enjoy the video and then maybe share some golf tips with me in the comments below. I'll use them as long as I can be guaranteed a bear-free golf course.
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