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Have You Seen This? Baby brothers are the worst
There is beauty all around when theres love at home... except when it comes to baby brothers. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE HOME There is beauty all around when theres love at home, but theres no love when it comes to baby brothers at least for one little girl.

In the video, a mom is revealing to her 3-year-old daughter the gender of an upcoming baby. The girl is clearly excited as she rips open the envelope to discover her fate.

You can actually see her little mind connecting the dots as she opens a blue heart, and thats when we confirm that the mere idea of baby brothers is the worst.

Crocodile tears, wails, and quivering words soon erupt from from her sweet, cherubic face.

But who can blame her? Boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails. Why would you want that when you can have sugar and spice and everything nice?

However, her initial reaction is not the best part of the video. The best part is when the girl realizes that baby brother has included a peace offering of sweeties (candy) with the card. Her cries start to sound fake as she eyes the blue sweeties. By the time she gets those candies in her hands, shes downright cheerful again.

Candy gifts may stop tears, but they do not foster love for baby brother. The youngster happily munches her baby blue candy while vehemently denying any love for her new sibling not even a little bit.
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