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Five apps to help couples stay together in an infidelity-obsessed world
There are countless apps that help people cheat on their spouses or significant others. Here are some that might help couples keep their bond strong. - photo by Chandra Johnson
Marriage can be tough, and a media culture that seems obsessed with infidelity doesn't help.

From the Ashley Madison scandal to TV shows like "The Affair," it can be hard to remember that Americans these days value the institution of marriage at all.

There are countless apps that help people cheat on their spouses or significant others. Here are some apps that might help couples keep their bond strong.


Android and Apple, Free

Rather than share everything for the rest of the world to see via Facebook or Instagram, Couple gives people a private, intimate space to document and share their relationship with the two people who matter most each other.

Users can connect no matter where they are using a joint timeline, photo stream and calendars. The app also allows couples to connect in real time with live sketch (a real-time drawing feature) and thumb kiss, which allows couples to virtually touch thumbs across screens.

The Marriage App

Apple and Android, Free

Created by marriage counselors, The Marriage App provides users with daily prompts and reminders that keep users in touch with their spouse amid a sea of daily distractions. Each day gives users an inspirational story, activity idea or piece of scripture as a healthy reminder that marriage can be a challenge, but one worth taking.

Focus on the Family

Android and Apple, Free

Part social network, part support app, the Focus on the Family app offers spouses a place where they can get tips on everything from keeping a marriage fresh to parenting advice to conversation starters for the family dinner table, In addition, the app allows users to share strategies for success with the wider community of app users.

The Love Dare

Apple, $.99

Based on the bestselling book, The Love Dare app features daily reminders about love, marriage and relationships designed to help affirm and strengthen relationships. The pieces of advice in the app may confirm the feelings users have about their relationship, or it may make them think more deeply about their commitment, depending on where they are in the relationship.

My Marriage Coach

Apple and Android, Free

Whether users of this app are newly married or struggling in their marriage, My Marriage Coach has something to offer for anyone. Designed by therapist and marriage counselor Jackie Black, this app offers solutions to help with a variety of problems most couples experience at one time or another, whether they be emotional problems, communication issues or couples faces big life changes like illness or parenthood.
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