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Arianne Brown: Spring will come
The joy of outdoor winter play has officially worn off, and kids and adults alike are ready for the next season to emerge, and it can't seem to come soon enough -- but it will come. - photo by Arianne Brown
Last November when the first snowfall of the season made its way down to Earth, I felt rejuvenated. There was something about this clean, white powder that fell from the sky that created a feeling of peace and relaxation, while at the same time, excitement and vigor.

Likewise, I saw the same "overjoyment" in my own children as they woke up in the morning, looked out the window and ran around the house yelling, snow!

For weeks, I headed outside daily to run on the fresh snow as my feet shuffled through the powder and crunched over the tracks made by ATVs, mountain bikes, and my very favorite, deer and rabbits. I was in a winter wonderland, loving every second of each snow-filled run.

However, much to my front entry's and laundry rooms demise, my kids would head outside everyday to go sledding down the hill, bringing back smiles frozen to their faces and puddles of melted snow and sopping wet clothes.

Feelings of joy were abundant all around.

Well, folks it is now February. The snow from the first snowfall months ago is still on the trails and the playground hill, but has iced over due to the warming and cooling of the daytime and evening temperatures. That snow that I glided through has been snowed over and blown over by strong winds and freezing cold temperatures causing hard, crusted snow drifts that, while beautiful, are absolutely un-runnable.

And, much to my front entry and laundry rooms delight, I am no longer cleaning up puddles and mounds of winter clothes, but the smiles that were once frozen to my childrens faces are now few and far between.

No longer are my kids running around the house proclaiming their love for the weather outside, they are running around the house because there is nowhere else to run and energy needs to be burned somewhere, so why not in my kitchen?

I wish I could tell you how to make it through the drudgery of winter's end boredom and cabin fever. Perhaps if you have a few good ideas, you could pass them my way. However, I can tell you one thing for certain: Spring will come, and it will be here before we know it.

But be warned, along with spring comes one more item that runners and kids love that is also a challenge for front rooms and laundry rooms: Mud lots and lots of mud.
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