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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posts photo taking his robot dog for a walk
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a photo on Twitter Monday of him walking a dog. Only it wasn't a traditional puppy. - photo by Herb Scribner
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a photo Monday on Twitter of him walking a dog.

Only it wasnt a normal bread of canine. It was a four-legged Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot, which many will recognize as the dog-like robot that made headlines last month for opening a door for its robot friend.

Boston Dynamics, an engineering and design company, showed off the dog-like robot in a video in February, the Deseret News reported. The dog-like robot opened a door for one of his friends, as seen in this video.

Bezos posted his "dog-walking" photo while attending the Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space exploration conference, simply know as MARS. The conference is invite-only, according to Business Insider.

Bezos made headlines at the MARS event last year for walking around in a 13-foot robot outfit. As the Deseret News reported last year, Bezos posted a picture of himself in a robot suit developed by South Korean company Mirae Technology.

According to The Verge, the robot structure might be a sign of technologys future.

Just think: in 50 years time we could be hiding in underground bunkers, sucking down our daily Soylent rations, and watching in 4K VR as a cybernetic Jeff Bezos battles Elon Musks evil clone in robo-suits equipped with tactical nukes. Its quite possibly the future we deserve, The Verge reported.
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