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9 ways to bloom as you "March" into spring
Its springtime! Heres how to make yours the best blooming spring ever. - photo by Gary and Joy Lundberg
Its finally March. Ya gotta love March. Its the beginning of everything that has any hope of blooming. And that would be you. Here are a few ideas to help your blooming be the best its ever been.

1. Be grateful to be alive

Every morning count your blessing for being able to wake up to this about-to-burst-forth-in-bloom world. It doesnt matter if youre 9 months pregnant (Yep! I actually said that for the grossly over-due) or wishing with all your heart you could just be pregnant. Be glad youre alive. A new day is a blessing for every living soul.

2. Turn on the music

Ahhhmusic! What would we ever do without it? It calms, it soothes, it inspires, it ignites. As the poet said, Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife. So tune in and fill your home, your car and your life with the kind of music that makes you feel happy to be you.

3. Kiss someone you love

A wise person said, A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. Wow! What a promise. You will not only enjoy the kiss but also feel younger. It works if you plant that smooch on your sweethearts lips or on your little ones cheeks. The result of happiness is the same. So, in effect, were saying; welcome spring with kisses. Lots of them.

4. Put a bouquet of spring flowers in your kitchen

Nothing shouts spring like a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers (or flowers of any bright color). They may not be pickable in your garden yet, or you may not even have a garden. No matter. The stores are blooming with them. Go pick some from whatever source is available. Put them in your kitchen window or anywhere in your home so you can feel the joy their colors and fragrances bring.

5. Visit someone in a care center

If you want to brighten your day, then brighten someone elses. Marie Osmond reminds us, Being of service to others is what brings true happiness. A visit to a lonely person is a true act of service. You might even bring that longing soul one of those bouquets of spring flowers. That would be a real spirit-lifter. Look in the mirror on your way home, and youll see a glowing you. What a way to welcome spring!

6. Buy a new springy item of clothing

Make it scream, Its spring! Websites and stores are full of these fun fashions right now. You can even make a stop at your local thrift shop and find something for pennies on the dollar. And you will support a good cause at the same time. Many items donated to these shops come with original sales tags still attachednever been worn. A double reward for your investment in fashion.

7. Call your parents and thank them for giving you life

You dont have to wait for a birthday to do this. Now is the perfect time. You can say, Mom, Im looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day and wanted to thank you again for bringing me into this amazing world. Her heart will melt. It will make her day as well as yours. Dont forget your dadhell love it, too.

8. Do some spring cleaning

Its not a daunting task when done one little project at a time. It can actually be fun. You might start with the everything drawer in the kitchen. We all have one of those. We all need one. But they do get tangled up after a time. Empty it out on your counter top and toss anything that is no longer useful. Youll be amazed at what you saved but never used. Believe me, if you havent used it for a least a yearmaybe two you dont need to save it. Tossing junk and rearranging the good stuff is very satisfying. You might even whistle while you work.

9. Smile at everybody

Im serious. I mean everybody. The clerk behind the counter, the person behind you at the counter, the old man shuffling along on the sidewalk, the mail deliverer, the woman with the crying child (she could really use your smile)everyone. Especially smile at your spouse and your kids. What a lift to have a multitude of smiles for your very own family. No matter what has gone on, put a stop to the nonsense with your smile of love and forgiveness. Phyllis Diller said, A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. A smile works like that everywhere you give one. So welcome spring with a big smile.

Try a few of these ideas and you may just have the best springtime you've had in a long time.
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