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9 classic TV shows everyone should binge
As a cord-cutting millennial, Id like to watch those goofy, cheesy old shows whenever I want. Here are the top classic TV shows that everyone should watch, with some available to stream, and some you'll have to find the old fashioned way. - photo by Amanda Taylor
TVLAND When I was young, certain cable channels played reruns of old TV in the evenings. Like, stuff my mom watched as a young girl. Id sit with my best friend, both of us stretched out on the couch eating circus peanuts, and watch television that felt like it was from a different planet.

Nowadays, Nick at Nite features such throwback shows as Friends and The Fresh Prince of BelAir. Correct me if Im wrong but thats not exactly vintage, as much as just stale. TV Land still airs some of those gems from days gone by but ...

As a cord-cutting millennial, Id like to watch those goofy, cheesy old shows whenever I want. Here are nine classic TV shows you should be binge-watching.

'The Andy Griffith Show'

You should watch this classic if for no other reason than to get that theme song stuck in your head But another is that its charming and sweet and harks to a bygone era (that probably never really existed).

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Video

'The Twilight Zone'

This show is still dang spooky!

Where to watch: Netflix

'I Dream of Jeannie'

Jeannies silly way of granting wishes has really fallen out of the cultural lexicon and I want to see more kids going arm-arm-nod when someone tells them to do something.

Where to watch: Nope! Check it out at your local library.

'Gilligan's Island'

To revive the age-old question: are you Ginger? Or Mary Ann?

Where to watch: Sorry, no. You can buy episodes on Amazon and iTunes.

'The Brady Bunch'

Sibling rivalry never looked so bell-bottomed. Plus the bevy of guest stars Davy Jones! Joe Namath! always keeps the show fresh.

Where to watch: Hulu

'Star Trek'

The show broke down barriers and had a few on-screen firsts like the first interracial kiss ever aired on television (between Kirk and Uhura).

Where to watch: Netflix, Hulu

'The Beverly Hillbillies'

Another great theme song.

Where to watch: Hulu, Amazon Video


Samantha and Darrin (be it Dick York or Dick Sargent) were a dang cute couple, and Endora was an outspoken feminist.

Where to watch: Not this one check out the DVDs

'Charlies Angels'

For all the reasons: the hair, the clothes, the butt-kicking. The Angels (along with many on this list) got a sexed-up remake in the modern day, but it never came close to the heart of the original.

Where to watch: Worth shelling out for the boxed set. Or write an email to Netflix and tell them to get with it.
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