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8 dating rules that dont disappear in marriage
The game changes when you say I do but most of the rules dont. - photo by Emily Cummings
Youve taken the big leap from dating to marriage; and, needless to say, things are different. The dating game has obviously changed, but some major components are the same. While you might not need to drop her off at her apartment after dinner, these 8 dating rules wont ever change: Be free Friday night

Technically, every waking moment is date night when you are married. However, doing something other than dishes at night should still happen regularly. Go out on dates, just like you did when you werent married. Get dressed up, plan an activity or go to an event and sneak in a goodnight kiss at the doorstep.

Put the phone away

and not just when you both go out on dates. Put away your phone when you both are talking, even if its just about who should run to the store on Tuesday. Catch her off guard and look into her eyes instead of into that little screen. Dont spend the time you have together scrolling someones page.

Wear a watch

Be on time to these dates. Regardless of a wedding band, being late is inconsiderate. Its rarely intentional, but arriving late doesnt make your date feel like she is a priority. You might be married, but being late never leaves a good impression. Whether you have been dating for a week or for 50 years, being on time shows you are thoughtful of her schedule.

Dont flake

This should go without saying, but dont stand up your date. You wouldnt dream of cancelling last minute without giving a legitimate reason when you both were barely dating, so keep up that same courtesy. It might not seem like that big of a deal to push-off a Netflix date till Saturday, but being able to follow through on plans shows her you are committed.

Offer to pay (sorta)

Relationship experts suggest combining bank accounts when you marry, so it doesnt really matter who pays on your nights out on the town. However, gentlemen, its still a nice gesture to pull out your wallet and offer to pay. Doing so will make it feel more like a date, rather than two people just eating out together.

Give her a call

Why would a thank you text or phone call ever not be needed? Just because you both are married, doesnt mean your partner wouldnt like a little message knowing how much fun you had going out last night. After she falls asleep, shoot her a text to find in the morning when she gets up. If you know she will have her phone off for a meeting, leave a voicemail for her to listen to afterwards. Even though you will see her that night when you both get home, it will mean a lot.

Keep up the compliments

You knew you scored major points whenever you doled out the compliments on a date. Has that stopped now that shes your wife? Surprise your girl with text or a note about something she does well You will probably get a second date if you play your cards right.

Always be honest

Honesty really is the best policy. Of course your spouse doesnt know absolutely everything about you, but you shouldnt be afraid if she did. Lying had no place in the early stages of dating and definitely doesnt belong in a marriage.

While dating as husband and wife doesnt involve nearly as much awkward silence as the first couple of dates, dont abandon all of your dating rules.
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