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6 reasons you should binge 'Fuller House'
Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Michael Campion, Elias Harger and Soni Bringas in Fuller House (2016) - photo by Amanda Taylor
This weekend, Netflix released the super nostalgia fueled reboot of "Full House." For some 1990s kids, this looked like a giant question mark, while others were thrilled to see one of their favorite families return to the screen.

Whichever camp you fall in, the 13-episode run is surprisingly enjoyable. Featuring the oldest girl DJ as she navigates life as a single mother, assisted by her younger sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, the show manages to be at once silly and sweet.

Read on for six good reasons to sit down with your BFFs from 1993 and watch the whole series.

  1. The original

This one seems obvious, but if you werent a fan of "Full House," theres nothing here for you. There are a lot of callbacks to the repetitive, not all that funny jokes of the original. The old cast appears and reappears often enough to make it feel familiar. But even the new stuff is in the same tone and style of all family-friendly television. A bit formulaic, with a lesson at the end of each episode, lots of group hugs "Fuller House" certainly doesnt try to break the mold. There are a few spicy bits thrown in to modernize it, but at the core its just a feel-good show.

  1. The fashion

Remember how Kimmy Gibbler used to dress really crazy? Guess what, she still does. Bacon and eggs scarves, an insane number of bright bracelets, bows on bows on bows, a donut purse waiting to see what Kimmy wears next is one of the best parts of the show. Even if theyre almost always cringe worthy. But on the flip side, DJ is rocking some seriously chic mommy style, and Kimmys daughter steps out in a few very fly dresses.

  1. The kids

Casting child actors is always a risk, but these kids really pull through. If you can get past the volume of little Max, youll find a kid who gleefully delivers lines about cleaning and science and puppies, all with the same level of enthusiasm. The older kids, Jackson and Ramona, show a surprising amount of depth, when theyre not giving attitude or obsessing over their electronic devices (insert eyeroll emoji). Theyre not the stars of the show, but they carry their weight when the story focuses on them.

Look for the especially delightful friendship between Max and his puppy, Cosmo (a descendant of Comet).

  1. The song and dance

There was always an element of theatricality to "Full House," but the reboot has stepped it up a notch featuring Stephanies musical life as DJ Tanner (get it?), as well as a singer, Candace Cameron Bures "Dancing With The Stars" talents (including cameos by the brothers Chmerkovskiy), a full-on Bollywood number and several sing-a-longs. It may up the cheese factor, but its sure fun to watch.

  1. The jokes

The first episode aside (which was just a rehash of the jokes from the original show, most of which were too wink-wink, nudge-nudge to really land), the show is quite funny. It plays on meta humor to poke fun at itself and its cast members. Theres a throwaway Alanis Morissette joke that absolutely kills, as well as several mentions of Michelle Tanners conspicuous absence. The kids are funny, the adults are funny, the baby even comes through for some funny moments.

  1. The love triangle

Probably correctly assuming the demographic of the show would be women in their late 20s and early 30s, the writers chose to focus a lot of time on the dating lives of the three women. But most interesting is that of DJ, who is being courted by her high school sweetheart Steve (now a dorky, lovable podiatrist) and hunky doctor Matt (whatever Team Steve). Their antics as they compete for her affection are truly great to watch. Will DJ choose her past or her future? The chemistry she has with Matt or the comfort she feels with Steve?

Check out all 13 episodes of "Fuller House," now on Netflix, to find out.
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