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5 uplifting TV shows to watch
Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation (2009) - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND It can sometimes seem like the world is too chaotic and noisy to handle. Luckily, we have a handy distraction at the tips of our fingers or TV remote.

When it all feels like too much, flip on the TV and lose yourself in the worlds of these uplifting, feel-good shows.

Parks and Recreation

Say the words unity concert to any Parks and Rec fan and watch their eyes well up with tears. Or talk about the time Leslies dream of running for city council comes true. The Pawnee, Indiana, gang has a special place in the heart of anyone willing to spend seven seasons with their silliness.

Where to watch it: Stream on Netflix

Boy Meets World

A classic after-school special, this is a show that always teaches a lesson. There are complex relationships between parents, siblings and best friends that all turn out to be enriching and loveable. Even their teacher follows them through the ranks of growing up to watch over them. Comfort food TV at its finest.

Where to watch: Available to buy on iTunes or watch on YouTube

Once Upon A Time

Hope is the motto of the sprawling Charming family, and it drives them to make all the heroic decisions they make to protect each other and their kingdom (or Storybrooke, Maine.) Their eternal optimism is inspiring and endearing and Snow White and Prince Charming are married in real life, basically proving that true love exists.

Where to watch it: Stream on Netflix

Pushing Daisies

Although the premise is a bit sad a couple in love that can never touch each other thanks to the mans power to bring people back from the dead the show is as sweet as cherry pie. Its bright and happy and constantly surprising. The aesthetic alone will lift your spirits.

Where to watch it: Stream on The CW Seed


Its a madcap, ridiculous adventure every episode with Shawn and Gus. Their parody episodes are on point, and they even have a musical. Even with all the crime solving, its a shockingly cheerful option.

Where to watch it: Available to buy on Amazon

Adventure Time

If youre looking for something familiar, but with a bit more sophistication than your classic Saturday morning cartoons, Adventure Time is the perfect solution. Finn and Jakes sweet relationship and, yes, adventures in Ooo will teach you about yourself while giving you an excuse to go back to animation.

Where to watch it: Stream on Hulu
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