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5 TV shows that feel like fall
Alexis Bledel and Liza Weil in Gilmore Girls (2000) - photo by Amanda Taylor
TV LAND As the air gets that extra crispness and the bright blue sky highlights the orange, red and yellow of the turning leaves, the boots and sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes follow.

And along with all of it, here are some of the greatest shows to re-watch when youre craving a thick blanket and some comfort food this fall.

Gilmore Girls

Absolutely nothing says fall like Rory and Lorelai jabbering away over coffee at Lukes diner. The beauty of a New England autumn as the backdrop for the mother-daughter duos hijinks and romances will always be the TV equivalent of a freshly baked loaf of bread.

Friday Night Lights

Although its set in Texas and they dont exactly get that crisp fall weather, fall means football, and football means Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant Lose. The camaraderie in Dillon, Texas, and the Taylor family in particular are as cozy as it gets.

Gossip Girl

The clothes alone justify Gossip Girl as an obvious autumn choice. Layer up with stockings, a pea coat and headband, and watch the unending drama surrounding everyones favorite Upper East Side gang.


If you love that back-to-school, anything-is-possible-in-September vibe, Glee is perfect. Soaring musical numbers, offbeat kids taking the stage, living your dreams its all there. Throw off those doubts about fall being a season for change, and be inspired by a bunch of singing weirdos.

Downton Abbey

Feeling literary and scarf-y is a rite of passage in the fall as much as eating all things pumpkin flavored. Downton is a soap opera disguised as highbrow television, so you get a bit of all the genres mixed in with your Dowager Countess one-liners.

What TV show screams "fall" to you? Let us know in the comments.
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