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5 text messages he will always reply with if hes into you
If you get one of these texts, you know he feels the same way about you. - photo by Kathleen Tan
Being in love is one of the best feelings. If youve fallen for someone, you can't help but shiver with excitement every time your phone buzzes with a new text message. You've been messaging back and forth for a while now, but how can you tell if your mister feels the same way about you?

You can know what he's thinking by the way he replies to your messages:

1.Hey, sorry I fell asleep last night I was so tired. What are you doing right now?

This guy likes you because he's apologizing for something as normal as falling asleep he doesn't want you to think he ignored your text or just didn't reply on purpose. He's also interested in what you're doing when he's not with you, which is really sweet. This is a guy who cares about your feelings and what's going in your world. With a response like this, you can be sure he really likes you.

2. Good morning too. Have you eaten your breakfast already? ... I hope I could see you after work

If you texted him in the morning and he responds with something like this, its a sure sign hes looking forward to chatting more with you. The moment he mentions how he wants to see you after work means you're on his mind all day long. Forget about the other men who just reply with a "good morning, too" they aren't into keeping the conversation going, let alone seeing you later today.

3. Im at work right now. Kind of busy today but I'll call you after I finish?

A promise that he'll call is impressive. He knows that a short message here and there in between breaks at work isn't enough he wants to really talk to you. He's planning out a specific time in his incredibly busy day just for you. Even early on in your relationship, he's trying to balance his time between his career and you. If you've found this type of guy, hold onto him because he's a keeper.

4. Im hungry too. Can we have dinner together? I know a good restaurant where your allergies wont be a problem. Then after dinner, we can go somewhere fun

You've found a loving and sensitive man if you get a text message like this. He politely asks you to dinner and even considers your allergies when selecting a restaurant. He also is hinting at wanting to spend more time with you by suggesting an after-dinner-date.

5. If you cant sleep just call me and we can talk as long as you can.

This mister would sacrifice his time for sleep just to have a conversation with you. A guy who simply doesnt like a girl wont even bother sending a message like this.

Text messages may need a little bit of deciphering, but they can be a good way to know how something is feeling based...but don't ignore the other factors. If a man is into you, you'll get cute replies like this and he'll want to spent lots of time with you. Make sure he knows how you feel by sending along some cute messages in return.
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