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40 adventures your kids need to have before they grow up
New adventures and ones from your past that your kids NEED to experience before they grow up! - photo by Jess Oakes
When you think back to your childhood, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Generally it's all the fun, adventures, and crazy things you did!

We think the littles in your life now should be able to experience those fun adventures too. So we put together a list of 40 adventures your kids need to have before they grow up:

1. Play Hooky

Just one day when they're not sick, to stay in bed, watch movies, eat popcorn and skip all the hustle and bustle of school!

2. Pull an all-nighter

Though they may not make it all night, it's the thought that counts! Grab those blankets, pile up in front of the TV in the living room, and let them attempt to "party" all night.

3. Get outdoors and go camping

Grab your sleeping bags, tent and go sleep outside under the stars.

4. Toilet Papering

Pick a friend (that'll laugh at it), grab all of the rolls of toilet paper you can find and let them at it.

5. Get dirty

Play in the mud, the rain, or have a food fight, but don't you dare worry about ruining your clothes.

6. Go to Disneyland

Spend the whole day laughing, riding rides and chasing down characters.

7. Make a family tree

Grab butcher paper, markers and make a fun family tree to teach them about their ancestors.

8. Christmas caroling

Put those jackets on, let your littles choose their favorite Christmas song and sing away to your neighbors and friends.

9. Jump in puddles

Rain boots on, run outside and splash around.

10. Go to a concert

Who's your kids favorite singer or band? Make their dreams come true and don't forget to buy a t-shirt while you're there.

11. Swim in the ocean

Don't forget to find seashells while you're there too.

12. Go to a professional sporting event

Put your game face on, and your best team gear, and then get out there.

13. Learn to skip a rock

Go to a nearby lake and make a game out of it.

14. Rope swing

Grab your swimsuit, towel and get ready to have some fun.

15. Road trip

Pack up the car and head out anywhere for the night or even a week.

16. Service project

Teach your kids the act of giving back at a local soup kitchen or service project.

17. Go to work with mom or dad

Every little should experience going to work with mom or dad.

18. Dress like a superhero just because

You may have already experienced this one with your toddler that refuses to take their superman costume off, but if you haven't, make it happen.

19. Start a collection

Find something fun to collect, stamps, rocks, etc.

20. Learn to make something with their own hands

Get in the kitchen, outdoors, you name it--somewhere where your kids can learn to get creative and make things all on their own.

21. Cook dinner

Teach them how to make a meal- pizza, spaghetti, the possibilities are endless. Just don't forget dessert.

22. Sleep out back

Have a trampoline? Perfect! Grab your blankets or a sleeping bag and sleep right outside your house under the stars.

23. Eat all of your Halloween candy

They might regret it later, but hey! We all have to experience it.

24. Lick the bowl after baking

Brownie batter? Yes please!

25. Learn to jump rope

Grab a rope, a couple of friends, and teach them how to jump rope.

26. Play marbles

Masking tape or a hula-hoop and some marbles can keep a kid occupied for hours.

27. Spend the night at Grandma and Grandpas

This is a must: sleepover with grandma and grandpa and forget any rules.

28. Have a bonfire + roast marshmallows

Do it over the stove or make a fire outside- don't forget the chocolate.

29. Build a fort

Gather together all of your blankets and create the ultimate fort under your kitchen table.

30. Go on a roller coaster

Next time you're near an amusement park, work up that courage and conquer your fears.

31. Have a pen pal

Sign up for a pen pal club, or team up with a long distance friend for your kids to pen pal each other.

32. Play with a puppy

Whether the puppy is from a local animal shelter or one of your own, chase and play with a little puppy.

33. Get a goldfish

To teach your kids how to care for a pet, we suggest starting with a fish.

34. Climb up a slide

They always teach you not to... let them break the rules one time.

35. Climb a tree

Stay close by, but let your kids climb up and see the world from above.

36. Float a river

Grab your inner tube or rafts and get ready for an adventure.

37. Roll down a grassy hill

And don't be afraid to get grass stains on your jeans.

38. Visit a Museum

Learn something new while having fun.

39. Turn your bathtub into a hot tub

Put those swimsuits on, and fill the tub with bubbles and have a blast.

40. Grow a garden

Let them plant their own garden, pick out the seeds and water it every day.

What did we miss? What are your favorite memories from when you were a kid?
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