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27 amazing drawings from kids that were recreated by professional artists
Creativity can make your child more successful in life. To help out, The Monster Project is bringing your child's drawings to life. - photo by Herb Scribner
Your childs recent doodle of a dragon may be the key to lifelong success.

Thats how more than 100 artists around the world feel. Theyve united for The Monster Project, which asks children to submit drawings of different monsters and worlds that artists can then recreate in their own style, according to the projects Kickstarter page. Artists will then send the new images back to the young drawers.

The project, which has raised about $7,000 as of this writing, hopes to help children see the importance of creativity, according to the Kickstarter page.

Creativity comes in many forms, and we hope to encourage their exploration of their own unique perceptions of the world we share, the page reads. And, while we're at it, we want to introduce to them the notion of art as a legitimate career path.

Creativity has long been held as an important part of a childs early development, according to Parenting magazine. Creativity can benefit children later on in life by helping them develop creative solutions to workplace problems, which can increase their productivity and lead them to success, according to Parenting magazine.

People can donate to The Monster Project to help the group of artists make an activity book with the drawings, expand their practice across the country (right now theyre only working with students in Austin, Texas, and Dallas), and make more professional art for children.

Check out the entire monster gallery for yourself.
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