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19 gestures that make a woman feel absolutely adored
Follow these simple suggestions to bring a thrill back into your love life. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
After the initial giddiness of falling in love dies down, it can be hard to find the little things that give your relationship sparkle. The thrill that once came from holding hands for the first time can become ordinary.

These 19 actions can bring delight into your relationship once again, and make your sweetheart feel how much you truly adore her.

Play with her hair

Women are actually like very large cats. Playing with her hair will immediately cause her to internally start purring. (Note: If your lady has naturally curly hair, do NOT do this without first asking permission. Its for your own safety.)

Kiss in public

Little kisses on the train or at the grocery store are sweet reminders you are proud to be with her. They also take you back to the beginning days of your relationship when a simple kiss was enough to make your head spin.

Bring up past conversations

Linking previous conversations into current ones shows her that when she talks, youre not mindlessly thumbing through Instagram youre attentive enough to what she is saying that youll remember it later on. Remember her likes and dislikes and work those into the conversation as well.

Run away from pornography

There is no better way to destroy your wifes confidence that looking at sexual images of other women. Show her she is enough by choosing to be committed only to her even in your thoughts.

Make an effort to love her family

Her mother may be critical, her brother a major moocher and her uncle that awkward guy at the reunions that tells off-color jokes, but if she loves them, you should to. Make an effort to participate in family events she would like to be at no matter how much you may dislike them.

Whisper in her ear at a party

Whisper a little compliment, inside joke or flirty remark to her when youre in public. Those innocent shared secrets make her feel connected to you.

Take care of her

She may be a strong, independent woman, but be man enough to show her you love her enough to take care of her when she needs it. In turn, shell want to take care of you at your weakest moments as well.

Push her to follow her dreams

When it comes to dreams, jumping in to do it can be terrifying. Know her dreams, and tell her she can achieve them. Give her the confidence she needs to be who she wants to be.

Dont buy that video game

Money disagreements are the third largest cause of divorce, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. Sometimes not buying that toy youve wanted for so long because you cant totally afford it says "I love you" more than anything else. Living within your budget is the most practical type of love.

Pause to make time

Your busy schedule is hard to navigate, but try foregoing something important one evening to demonstrate she is still the No. 1 priority on your list.

Dont ask permission

There are times when she doesnt want to choose the date, the restaurant or her birthday gift. Dont worry so much about her liking it, and just surprise her. Its the little surprises that keep love lively.

Just simply say it

The three words we should say a lot more than we actually do; a well placed, Sweetheart, I love you, is always welcome.

or write it

There may be no quicker way to a womans heart than a hand-written note slipped into her purse or pocket.

Do the dishes

Do them, and watch the magic happen.

Lead in important conversations

Your lady doesnt want to be your babysitter, and by initiating important conversations about your relationship, your finances, your children and other concerns allows her to not have to feel that way. Help her be your lover, not your mother.

Be on time

Or better yet, be early. If you have plans together, make them a priority. Being on time or early shows her you are excited to spend time with her.

Appreciate her getting ready

On the reverse, youll surely be waiting on your lady at some point as she is getting ready and will only be five more minutes. Have patience, and appreciate that sometimes looking stunning actually takes some time.

Initiate texts

Send her a text during the day, just to show her she is on your mind.

Give specific compliments

How long has it been since you told her she was beautiful? How much you love your life with her? How much you admire her ability to make others feel better about themselves? Dont make her assume these things; tell her often.
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