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15 simple memories to make with your kids
t doesnt take a lot to impress kids. You might be surprised by how excited they get when they know Mom and Dad are part of the fun. - photo by Cristel Romero
When I was six years old, in the dead of the night, my step-mom tiptoed in my room as to not wake my sisters. She whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me. I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and shuffled after her. She scooped me up and placed me in her giant bed so we could watch The Little Mermaid together. Twenty-five years later that is still one of my fondest memories. I can still remember how special I felt, cuddling in my parents' bed watching my favorite movie while my siblings slept. It was a simple moment, but a big one for 6-year-old me.

Before we know it, our little ones are grown and gone. As we rock our newborns, we might as well be rocking in rhythm to the ticking of a clock. Childhood goes too fast. We as parents can and should make our childrens time with us memorable. Here are 15 simple activities that will leave a lasting impression on your kids.

1. Midnight movie

Adults get how awesome bedtime is. Kids, not so much. Your child will think it is downright awesome if they get to stay up or wake up past their bedtime.

2. Ditch day

Pick a day to take off work and for your child to skip school, and spend the entire day together. To make it even more memorable, pretend to drive them to school or something equally boring and then surprise them with an activity you know he or she will love.

3. Food fight

It will be messy, but it will be fun! You dont necessarily have to do this inside. Plan an extra messy meal with easy-to-throw food and have an outside dinner or picnic and then let the war begin.

4. Three words: Trampoline. Dish soap. Sprinkler.

Its a good time, but with Mom and Dad doing it too, its an awesome time!

5. Backyard campout

Pitch the tent in the backyard and tell ghost stories well into the night. If possible, sit around the fire pit and make hobo dinners and roast marshmallows.

6. Staycation

You might not have the leave from work or the money for a lengthy vacation, but you can still have a mini vacation with the family. Book a night at a hotel close by and let the kids go swimming and eat junk food while watching movies.

7. Sleepover

Have a sleepover where Mom and/or Dad sleep in THEIR room with them. You are on their turf.

8. Play in the rain

There is nothing better than dancing around and stomping in puddles when youre a kid. The next time the rain starts falling, head on out for some fun. The fact that you are with them makes it extra exciting.

9. Mud fight

Kids love it when mom and dad break the rules in the name of fun.

10. Let them make dinner

With a little help from Mom or Dad, let them decide what to make and how to do it. Encourage creativity while teaching them the ropes. (I should add that it might not be a bad idea to have a backup dinner just in case!)

11. Monthly date

Take each kid on a one-on-one date with Mom and Dad. Do something they love and put all the attention on them once a month or every other. It can be big or small. As long as its with you, they wont mind.

12. Send a package

Even adults, who bought and paid for something, get excited when they know its arrived. Imagine being a kid and unexpectedly getting a package with your name on it!

13. King for a day

Offer up the throne and let him/her call the shots for a day (within reason of course)!

14. Bring your child to work day

If you can, take them to work with you one day and let them see what you do. They will love all the attention they get from your co-workers as well.

15. Snowball fight

Assemble a pile of snowballs for each player and surprise your kids with a snowball fight. To make it even more fun, make a snow fort for each team. When youre done, head inside for some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

It doesnt take a lot to impress kids. You might be surprised by how excited they get when they know Mom and Dad are part of the fun. Dont worry about giving them jaw-dropping experiences. The little things will be just as memorable, if not more. Now is the time to make simple memories our kids will carry with them well into adulthood.
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