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11 T-shirts every mom should have in her closet
Why say what you could just wear?? See 11 shirts you need to own. - photo by Emily Cummings
Granted, fashion probably isnt your top priority as a mom. Its important but less so than keeping those kiddos away from the Sharpies and newly painted walls. However, there is a line of fashionably funny T-shirts that do double duty. Check out these 11 T-shirts that are more than just something to throw on when you are running out the door:

Meet Mama Bear

Let everyone you see know you're the mama bear to those cute cubs you have in tow. As a bonus, this shirt is also a reminder to why your porridge is always cold.

The best policy

Honesty really is the best policy. Start that early on in your kiddos' lives by being upfront about your workout routine... And, smile, because everyday is cardio day.

Lights, camera, action

For the mom who is set on capturing every possible moment. (You know who you are). This shirt is basically your backstage pass to getting a photo of anything your kid does.

Ready for an apocalypse

If that zombie apocalypse ever does happen, youd be able to fit right in. If it never does happen, you are sure to give everyone a laugh when they read this shirt.

How you doin?

Feel free to point to your shirt when anyone asks you how you are doing. Consider it a form of mom-multitasking.

Jurassic Park

This shirt lets all the other parents know you dont put up with any nonsense on the playground.

Established since

Cute AND informative. Win-win.

The good ol days

For that mom with a sense of humor, use this shirt as part of your pajama wardrobe to give yourself a chuckle during those early morning wake up calls.

See also"

Live up to the hype with a simple T-shirt (while simultaneously giving yourself a well-deserved compliment or two).

Etc, etc, etc.

Just in case you forget your many titles, this shirt lets your kids know you answer to any of the following.

One word

Enough said.
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