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10 things your husband actually means when he says he is thinking about 'nothing'
Heard that answer before? You'll be surprised at what this one simple word can mean. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
We ladies think about, well, everything. At the same time.

What happened at work this week is stressing you out about your relationship. That thoughtless comment you accidently told your neighbor is worrying you as you contemplate the grocery list.

And that, possibly, is the reason women find it so unbelievable when a man claims he is thinking about nothing. In a Reddit thread, men gave these insightful confessions about what nothing actually means.


The majority of men agreed that nothing actually meant they were thinking of something that wouldn't make sense if explained.

User Dazarath explained it this way, Sometimes I just look around and admire the shapes or formations of different objects, but if I were to actually describe it, the conversation would go something like this.

What are you thinking about? That piece of cloth on the ground. What about it? Just the shape that it forms. What does it look like? Umm, it looks like itself. But it's an interesting shape.

The obvious

Reddit user Rtrfgy described the nothing feeling this way, "If I'm staring off into space and not really thinking about anything else, I might be making the general observation like "oh, that's a pen" but that isn't anything more than just my visual observation.


Its not that his mind is completely off but it might just take far too much effort to explain his thought process. This means the something going on in his mind is not worth going into.

Something you wont like

Some fights are not worth fighting. If he knows you wont agree with what hes thinking, he may choose to avoid the issue altogether.

When I have said what I'm actually thinking about I'm often greeted with skepticism, user Meatros wrote. So it's just easier [to say nothing] all around.

Cant remember

It's not so much nothing as it is that I'm thinking about something of such little consequence that when you ask me what I'm thinking, I've already forgotten it so I say 'nothing, user Deandalec said.


To our delight, several users mentioned dinosaurs among the nothingness grouping. Anepiclie described nothing meaning "inane nonsense" - like dinosaurs while Luvmilkshakes made the observation, It would rock to have a pet dinosaur.

Super Random stuff

Naval lint, Ron Swanson standing behind a meditating Chris, how many cups of pudding would fit in a bag. These thoughts dont exactly make for the best conversation, so mentioning them may not seem like his best option.

Nerd alert

These answers ranged from cats riding horses to Mordor to beating a complicated video game. This explanation from an anonymous user is a particular gem that highlights the true inner nothing nerd explanation.

Most recently (true story) I was asked what I'm contemplating since I was obviously starting into space, and in reality I was following a long train of thought about my Game Genie and Final Fantasy 6 on SNES and thinking about how I used a code to make all the spells get learned at a 10x rate and wondering if I could use Game Guardian to create a similar hack on my android - and how curious it is that that multiplier is actually stored at a single, consistent place in memory.

It seems like the more obvious "cheat code" would be to have each battle give you 255 AP.


User Herewegoga1n said it best, All I wanted was a Pepsi...


As much as it might boggle your mind to think about, he might actually be thinking about nothing. User Zartonk possibly explained this best, Sometimes I have some background music going on in my head, and I just sit there, sitting....
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