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'Trespass' better in theory than reality
Showtime with Sasha
"Trespass" stars Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman. - photo by Studio photo

This week’s film, “Trespass,” centers on a hostage situation. It stars Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a wealthy husband and wife who are held at gunpoint in their home over a bunch of diamonds that may or not be in Cage’s safe.
Sound exciting? Well, in theory, it would be.
In actuality, “Trespass” should carry Nicole Kidman’s name in the top slot instead of Cage’s. She seems to be doing most of the on-screen work.
Being a fan of Cage’s old action films, such as “Face/Off” and “Con Air,” I kept waiting for the man to kick somebody and he never did. In fact, the Cage in this movie surely can’t be the same Cage who is going to star in another “Ghost Rider” film. Somebody’s got to hit the gym.
I’m a fan of hostage films in general; I think they make for compelling action, drama and suspense. Cam Gigandet (“The Roommate,” “Easy A”) is one of the bad guys here, and he’s always very nice to look at. “Trespass” had a few twists, but in the end, I’m not a fan.
Note that “Trespass” is a Joel Schumacher film. He was behind such pictures as “The Client,” “Batman Forever,” “8MM,” “Phone Booth” and “Flatliners.” (See “Flatliners” again if you never have, or see it again because it is that good.)
I also will offer you my top 10 best hostage films of all time:
10. “The Negotiator”
9. “Air Force One”
8. “The Last House on the Left”
7. “P2”
6. “Hostage”
5. “Dog Day Afternoon”
4. “Saw”
3. “Misery”
2. “Inside Man”
1. “Cellular”

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