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'Hitchcock' is so-so look at 'Psycho'
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hitchcock knife tie
Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock nearing the end of his movie career, and Helen Mirren plays Hitchcocks long-suffering wife, Alma. - photo by Studio photo

Today we’ll get a little “Psycho” as we examine “Hitchcock,” the Alfred Hitchcock biopic new to home video.
Anthony Hopkins play the title role, which is Hitchcock nearing the end of his career, and Helen Mirren plays Hitchcock’s long-suffering wife, Alma.
As we meet the pair, “Hitch” is struggling to find his next project, following the success of the thriller, “North by Northwest.” As he endeavors to adapt a horror novel called “Psycho,” numerous problems follow.
Also in the film are Scarlet Johansson as actress Janet Leigh, Toni Collette as Hitch’s office assistant and Jessica Biel as actress Vera Miles.
Though Hitchcock is filming “Psycho” for the bulk of the movie, the heart of the biopic’s story isn’t the famous film. It’s Alma’s life and contribution to her husband’s career, which was substantial — proving that behind every psycho is a great woman.
I’m an Alfred Hitchcock fan and found “Hitchcock” to be enjoyable, but I can’t say there’s anything here so worthwhile that I’d put it on any must-see list. Though Hopkins and Mirren do remarkable jobs in their roles, as does their supporting cast, the film failed to capture the attention of Oscar voters.
“Hitchcock” mostly is believable, but I can’t tell how true to life the film actually is either. I’ll say this: I think Hitchcock would enjoy the movie if he were alive to see it. It offers a few laughs, and it definitely has its quirks. For instance, the serial killer Ed Gein, on whom the book “Psycho” is based, is a character in the film because Hitchcock dreams that the man is visiting him, though these meetings are all in Hitch’s imagination.
Am I a fan of the film? Eh, so-so.

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