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Bless it all again and again
Humor: Blessing of Fleet this weekend
While Vic Waters writes about the entertainment Friday and Saturday, the marine parade and blessing of the fleet is at 2 p.m. Sunday. - photo by Photo provided.

My friend and spiritual advisor, and past Grand Poo Baa of the Blessing Of The Fleet was reminiscing a couple of days ago about Blessings of the past.

Neither of us could remember for sure how many vehicles that daredevil was going to jump that one year, but we both remembered that said daredevil missed his mark and skidded on his head with the bike riding him and crashed into Doc Roger’s drug store, smearing daredevil blood all over the sidewalk. His red,white, and blue leather daredevil suit was shredded and declared a total mess by all.

I think that was the year that Father Whatshisname got into the sacrimonial wine a little early and tried to bless the jelly ball plant. He pointed his little holy water thingy and mumbled something about "my father beat your father in dominos."

I started playing music for the Blessing in 1974 when diesel fuel was 29 cents a gallon and shrimp were $5 a pound. Every shrimper in the county was driving a new Lincoln. Richard Nixon was the president. At least for a little while. "I am not a crook" he said as Gerald Ford said get out the way Homie, it’s my turn. Ford then turned around to take a bow, stumbled and fell down the stairs.

One thing we can all be assured of. Whether diesel fuel is high and shrimp prices are low, or we’re waving the silk sheets with copious amounts aromatic wind , one weekend a year we get our fleet blessed, and this year is no exception.

The Chamber of Commerce goes all out to make the tourist and locals alike feel like something cosmic is happening. This year we have an all-star lineup of people from the hood who are going to do all they possibly can to see that you have a large time. We don’t have a daredevil who’ll crash his motorcycle into the drug store or a shrimp box driver who can make a preacher cuss, but we do have some outstanding talent who can jook your socks off.

Friday night Coursand Saunds take the stage. Coursand has a new album soon to be released. I’ve heard five cuts from it and it’s sure to be one of your faves.

The Saturday lineup:

• Will Gore, who always said, "there ain’t no such thing as too much gravy."

• Michael Hulett whose saxophone prowess is above compare, not to mention he sings like somebody shot him up with James Brown juice.

• Mason Waters and The Groove All-Stars, who play all the songs you know by heart.

• The Savannah River Band, who I heard this year at the Shellman Bluff St. Patrick celebration and they are hot as a $5 firecracker.

• And a very special guest Anna Saunds, a local girl who sings ‘Crazy’ better than Patsy Cline’s bus driver. I hope she shows but she jumped ship a few years ago and moved to Glennville and changed her name. Was it something we said. I don’t know, but we’ll sure find out Saturday starting at 6 p.m.

If you’re not there, we’ll call Sea Tow.

Oh, I almost forgot, I’ll be there, along with my favorite guitar player, Screaming Jaybird Rachabilly, who once said, "If you don’t pick it, it might get well."

No charge for sand gnats. Remember they’re the only thing that keep us from being Hyannisport.

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