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Sound off for Nov. 6

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I have always been an advocate for the police department in Richmond Hill, but recently with the arrest of a 73-year-old lady whose hands were jerked behind her back and her with severe deformities of arthritis,  I wonder who they truly serve and who they protect?

Will you please publish the Richmond Hill City Ordinance stating that we cannot own cats due to the fact that they ramble? I truly need to read the ordinances of Richmond Hill and I think everybody here really needs that.  If y’all would, please publish that.

I work near J.F. Gregory Park, so I went over there the other day to walk during my lunch hour. Wow, if you haven’t checked out that park, you need to. It’s huge and has such a nice walking trail. Go beyond the pavilion and really explore it. I’ll be enjoying the nice fall weather there now that I know about it.

I’m glad the Sunday alcohol sales passed in Bryan County, but does this mean we still can’t buy it on Sundays in Richmond Hill? We have to leave the city limits? Why not just make it the same across the board?

I understand the need to increase water and sewer rates to pay for the new facility we need because it is needed and it does have to come from somewhere. But, man, that’s definitely not a small increase, even if it is spaced out. Maybe go with an increase, but also supplement it with some other options.

I live in Hinesville and I’ve always hated that our city council meets at 3 p.m. on a weekday, when no concerned citizens can attend because of work. I just found out that Richmond Hill’s city council meets at night, and that’s how it should be. I’m glad someone knows how to conduct business.

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