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Sound off for Feb. 5

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Glad that dog that hitched a ride on up to Black Creek got found safe. Y’all need more funny stories like that.

I, for one, do use the dog park and think it’s a great resource. If you think it’s not a good addition or a waste of tax money, don’t worry because they raised the money to build it. Many people enjoy it.

Wow, that Super Bowl could have had a really different ending if some people had been smarter about how they do things. Like the Patriots really needed another ego boost. Boo.

Didn’t you used to have coupons on your website, Bryan County News? I thought so, but I cannot find them now.

To those people complaining about Bryan County Schools and voting in the online poll that they need work, have you read up on what’s going on in Liberty County? Their system’s about to be broke, and all kinds of crazy moves are coming. Be glad you’re not them.
Could we just please get a Chick-Fil-A here? People who say we don’t need one because we have a Zaxby’s, you apparently have never been to Chick-Fil-A. Way better and not the same at all.

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