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Sound off for Dec. 18

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To the lady that said the flu is preventable, apparently she has not read that the CDC said that most of the strains of flu this year have not been inoculated against.  Some of us have weak immune systems and we get the flu even though we have had the flu shot.   So, I think she needs to do a little bit of research before she starts mouthing off that it’s preventable.  All it does is make you have a lighter case if you get it.

Bryan County needs to do something with the property taxes.  My 83-year-old mother — it takes more than she draws per year in Social Security to pay her taxes because the land she bought over 40 years ago is worth more. They should have a cap and the cap should be what the property was worth when you first put your house on it, and that should be the max you can get out of it. People here are being taxed to death! If they want more schools here, let these parents who are having all the kids pay the taxes. It’s not right for the property owners to have to pay the school taxes. Something needs to be done.

I keep noticing a trend in this region. High school football coaches get run off or feel like they have to quit because they didn’t get a winning season right off the bat. First, the coaches can’t help what kind of talent they’re given to work with. Second, winning takes time. You don’t take over a program and immediately start winning. Give them a few years to get things in order.

I moved here years ago from the northern part of the Midwest, where the weather gets bad. There’s snow, ice and all kinds of muck. Having a giant, four-wheel-drive truck actually makes sense there. However, I notice way more people in Coastal Georgia drive ridiculously enormous trucks than in the Midwest, where such vehicles are actually useful. Why is this? Seems unnecessary.

If you turn left across an intersection, you have to turn into the same lane you were traveling in before you turned. You can’t start out in the far left lane, change lanes in the intersection and end up in the far right lane on the new road you turned on to. I see this all the time.

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