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Q&A with T.J. Mazel, Richmond Hill Middle School Science Olympiad team member
TJ Mazel 7th Grade RHMS Student researching at the computer for Science Olympiad. Photo provided
Seventh-grade RHMS student T.J. Mazel researches at the computer for Science Olympiad. - photo by Photo provided.

Q: What is your name and current grade?
A: T.J. Mazel, seventh.

Q: What is your current involvement at RHMS?
A: Wildcat Winds, Concert Band and the Science Olympiad Team.

Q: Why were you interested in joining the Science Olympiad team?
A: My older sister Julia participated in Science Olympiad when we were stationed in Florida. She enjoyed Science Olympiad a good deal and, after observing her state competition in Orlando, I wanted to join.

Q: In what ways does being involved in the Science Olympiad Team challenge you?
A: The questions and the materials are all very above level, so it makes me do research, read more and think on a higher level. Socially, you have to learn to work with other students with different qualities.

Q: How do you feel the team has impacted you the most?
A: Science Olympiad gives me time to hang out with my friends and other students that I usually don’t spend time with.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from being on the team?
A: How to work with others.

Q: What accolades has the team won?
A: Last year, our Science Olympiad Team took fourth at regionals.

Q: What comes next for the team?
A: Since we won regionals, next, we will compete at the state-level competition, where hopefully we can place. There is a national competition, too. I’ve heard that the winners of nationals get to meet the president of the United States.

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