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Q&A with Gwen M. Peters, friend and Megan Myrick Photography client since 2010
Special keepsake of Gwen M. Peters-Photo by MMP
Special keepsake photo of Gwen M. Peters baby. - photo by Photo by Megan Myrick Photography

Q: Name and current job title?
A: Gwen M. Peters, captain, U.S. Army, logistician.

Q: When were you first introduced to Megan Myrick Photography?
A: I first met Megan back in 2010. Megan was a local photographer out of Waynesville, Missouri. I had the luck of having her photograph our family again when we moved to Georgia!

Q: What has her photography meant to you over the years?
A: Megan’s photography has captured memories that have been extremely important to us. Her photos are all over our home. She has captured one-year cake smashes, our children’s newborn photos and various family photos.

Q: What sets Megan Myrick Photography apart and has contributed to her success?
A: Megan is truly special. Her photos are so crisp and well-taken. All of my photo sessions have been real special and ready for our family prior to arrival. She even has a welcoming sign when we arrive. The small details she puts into the session and when we go over the photos is unparalleled. I’ve cried numerous times over the emotions she captures in our photos. Once the photos are ready for pickup, she boxes up the photos with tissue paper and bows. I’ve even received a gift card for coffee. Every detail that she gives to each photo session is amazing. She is a genuine person and an unmatched photographer.

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