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Life on Hill Q&A with photography assistant
Megan Myrick pictured with assistant Lauren Gable photo provided
Lauren Gable, right, and Megan Myrick mug for the camera. - photo by Photo provided.

Q: Name and current role with Megan Myrick Photography (MMP)?

A: Lauren Gable and I am currently Megan’s photography assistant.

Q: When did you discover MMP?

A: I discovered MMP when Megan was doing free holiday photo shoots for families with a deployed spouse. I was so touched by her desire to help out military families who were going to have to endure another holiday without their loved one. I was so grateful to her that day. That photo shoot was two years ago, and her kindness, generosity, positive attitude and professionalism really made an impact on me.

Q: What do you feel sets Megan apart in regards to her business and photography skills?

A: Megan works harder than I have ever worked, and her passion for her craft is truly inspiring. She is constantly learning and bettering herself. She gets so excited for her sessions and her brain is forever thinking of new ways to make the next shoot even better.

Q: There are many choices locals can make when choosing a photographer, why MMP?

A: Megan is extremely loyal to her clients and she goes the extra mile to make the portrait experience fun and worry free, which is important for busy parents with toddlers and newborns. Megan truly enjoys meeting new clients and getting to know them. She believes in meeting beforehand, so there is a level of comfortability before the actual shoot. When a client is no longer a "stranger," but somebody you can chat and laugh with, the sessions are so much more enjoyable for all involved.

Q: How has working with Megan blessed you or influenced your life?

A: Megan believes in her product and I believe in her, as well, which is why I asked to join her in January. I wanted to be around someone doing what they love. I’ve always been a seeker and I keep reading that we should, "follow our bliss." Megan has followed her passion and I admire that greatly.

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