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Quick and easy munch-ables to control Diabetes
Eggs. Yum. They say the white part is the best for us, but I love the yolk. I hard boil them and throw them into a baggie to go to work with me. - photo by Davison Cheney
Cardboard has very little sugar or carbs. It's the perfect food providing a little fiber and won't spike sugar levels. Unfortunately, there is the taste issue and that whole "swallowing" thing.

As a newly diagnosed type one diabetic, I was thrown into a world of cardboard and baked zucchini for dinner. It lasted two weeks. Then I moved to the phase where I had one bite of everything because there was just no way I was going to find anything to eat that fit all the criteria. That didn't work, either.

With more than a little research and productivity, I came up with a list of things I can snack on that won't kill me or leave me sneaking food and eating it in my basement office or the rec room. (Who left a cracker box on the floor? Dang those grandkids!)

  • Eggs. Yum. They say the white part is the best for us, but I love the yolk. I hard boil them and throw them into a baggie to go to work with me.
  • Cottage cheese is a hit or miss for me. I am still trying out brands that work for me. Adding some pears or drained pineapple helps to make it not taste like..., well, cottage cheese.
  • Packaged meats have very few carbs, and that is what I am trying to eliminate of late. Add a celery stick and string cheese and paint me pretty.
  • String cheese the part skim kind is my new reason for living. Chew slowly and enjoy.
  • A handful of grapes works well. Not much more than a handful, though.
  • Rice cakes. Just the thought makes me roll my eyes. Find a brand or a flavoring that works for you and there are many. Keep an eye on the carbs. Add apple pieces and a slice of cheese. Did I already mention to chew slowly? Chew slowly.
  • Celery and peanut butter. I found out that my favorite peanut butter was almost as low in carbs and sugar (what was killing me) as a low sugar natural brand and was happy to not make the switch. Watch the label. Try a green apple with a slathering of peanut butter.
  • Carrots. They come in smallish-sized packages, and I keep them at my desk. With all that crunch, I can almost convince myself I am actually eating something. I have found that a small bit of dressing helps the carrot go down, but keep the amount small just enough to remember what you are not eating and why.
  • Nuts. Everyone says to eat unsalted nuts. But holy Hanna! Talk about tasting like a two by four. I am getting used to no salt, but slowly. I started off by getting my favorite brand of nuts and putting a handful in a dish rag and burnishing the excess salt off. I got used to that quickly, and I am making the transition. I'll let you know.
  • An apple or a pear or a small helping of fruit works. Oranges are better. Leave the fruit juices alone. The sugar in them is killer.
  • Salads with some chicken or tuna work for me. Add cheese, some pecans or almonds and a little of my favorite dressing, and that will get me through.
For me, the biggest change, now that I am a type one diabetic, is I can't sit down and eat the entire cake or the box of chicken-flavored death crackers. And while moderation can be fine for many, it hasn't really worked for me.

My challenge is to be proactively a little less than moderate. I have to drink more water or skim milk and eat like a man of 40-ish and not a dude of 20.

Listening to my doctor, watching my blood sugar, taking the medications when needed, and eating responsibly will be the life of me.
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